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Reassessing Geekdom: An Editorial

In the past year, I have had the opportunity to create something with several individuals that I never in my wildest dreams could  have hoped to create.  That thing was this very site, The United States of Geekdom.  But it was more than the site.  It was also a podcast.  even still, it was more than that.  It was something that truly made me reassess the very things that I love and enjoy as a geek. 

In our first episode, we discussed what Geekdom was to us which is what you will find below.  Over this past year, things have happened that really made me take assessment of what Geekdom is to me.

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Gathering Steam

I think it began to sink in in July last year while I was talking over the XBOX with our buddy Stuart Balk of the Midnight Movie Cowboys. He mentioned how much he enjoyed the show and also the previous show Amazing Comicast. Having said that, I was most appreciative of what had been said there.  That caught me off guard because we rarely if ever got any feedback on the old show, let alone anyone actually listening to the show.

Moving a little forward in time, we did our first USG get together and went and saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  I had the opportunity to sit next to Dustin our One Man Geek Army and when the Universal logo showed up 8-Bit style, he leaned over to me and said "This is definitely my kind of movie!" as it was mine.  The fact that I was sharing an experience of a fun movie with a group of strangers made the concept of geekdom sink in even further. 

Hitting Home

When was it that the concept of geekdom really hit?  I can pinpoint the exact moment to the second.  All-Con 2011.  I was able to obtain the permission to screen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and before the screening began, people asked if they could sing along to which I said yes.  The movie began, the first song started, and everyone was singing.  It floored me.  Not in a bad way. 

Everyone sang the songs, hollered the dialogue, wore costumes from the movie.  It was geekdom at its finest.  It is the one thing that I am excited to see if I can bring it back to the con in 2012. But here was the caveat.  None of the geeks in the room, are closeted geeks.  They wore their geekdom on their sleeve.  Geekdom is alive in their minds and hearts in ways that I could never even hope to describe.   


I think my reason for reassessing what geekdom means to me is the reason that some people are closeted geeks.  Being closeted about something that you love just does not make sense to me.  Geekdom to me is a group of people sharing a common love for something.  This was evidenced best at the wonderful Zombiepalooza event held in Arlington by our friends of the show Stephanie of X5 Entertainment and Zombie Manor.  Cole, Catherine, and myself were joined by our newest Geek Chick, Kerrie and we were given the opportunity to talk to many potential fans of the show.  Kerrie, being a relatively new geek to the scene, was astounded by the fact that people actually confessed to us that they are closet geeks.

Perhaps reassessment is not the word I am looking for.  Perhaps it is.  I am not certain.  That people closet their geekdom caught me off guard and so much so that it caused me to write this article.  I think it is a matter of being able to identify something you love.  Just this morning, a friend of mine e-mailed me asking for more information on the events coming up in the DFW area which you can read about here, and when he found out about a G.I. Joe convention, he got very excited about the prospect of going to see something like that.  This is an individual I would have never guessed to be a geek, let alone a closeted geek.

Ultimately, I think the thing I am trying to get at here is let your geek flag fly.  Don't let what other people think of you be the reason why you keep your geekiness closeted or under wraps.  Individuality is what makes us who and what we are.  Your geekiness is a major facet of this individuality and finding like minded individuals is definitely the best way of sharing that love of geeky things and yet at the same time, maintaining your individuality because not all geeks love the exact same things that you may love.  There is never a need to conceal your geekiness.

For the longest time, I felt like I didn't belong.  I still get that feeling every now and then.  Sometimes I come off as too strong with my geekiness. I consider dialing it back but to do so would betray who I am.   Let that geek flag wave high and proud.  There are people who will accept you for your love of things other than the norm.  I think that is the reason why I created United States of Geekdom.  I don't care what geeky thing you like.  You can like comics, movies, Disney, TV shows, board games, video games, D&D, World of Warcraft, anime, Harry Potter, manga, animation, Muppets, and so many more aspects of Geekdom that  make you go tick, we want you here.  You as a geek are not alone, all are welcome.

We are here for you.

Rick G.
August 29, 2011

In my humble opinion.........if i might share.....a large portion of our population do not quite understand the definition of "geek". Being new to the group, I've asked you to define it for me a few different times because I wasn't sure if I fit the "definition" of "geek"....You described the definition best in your article when you said "There are people who will accept you for your love of things other than the norm. I think that is the reason why I created United States of Geekdom. "
One time, in my youth, my mother introduced me as her "unique" daughter. When I was young, I thought it shameful or a tad bit embarassing--I spent years friguring out how I could be normal.... Now I embrace being abnormal! :) I am so joyous to have found my "tribe" thru the USofG! :) Thanks Rick and other's for all you are and your authentic hearts! :)

Thanks, Rick. I've always felt welcome here. Keep up the good work and keep on having fun. Whatever the topic, listening to you all banter and quibble while giving good information is a delight.

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