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Random Bit of Awesomeness: Captain Eeyore?!?

Okay, so most of you are familiar with Captain EO, which starred the late, great, Michael Jackson.  Well, a few years back, some Disney cast members got together and made this parody with the characters from the parks.  Keep in mind, this is NOT the complete version but it gives you an idea of what insanity they pulled off.  Should I ever find the complete version I will post in its entirety.  Thanks to Jim Hill of Jim Hill Media and the guys from WDW Fan Boys for making me aware of this! Thanks for watching!

Here is part 1

Here is part 2 with the full dancing! IT's actually pretty dead on to the original one! Aside from a dancing Eeyore.

This was actually made back in 1989 or 1990 by Disneyland cast members (filmed in the former Videopolis theatre). Back then, Disney let cast members make films to vent their frustration and poke fun at the company. I would LOVE to see the full version (I knew someone who has it & they were going to make a copy for me, but then we lost touch). This is really one of the best things ever.

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