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The USG Movie Sequel is Here at Last!

With a slate of summer movies coming and going and the season drawing to a close the USG is proud to announce the impending arrival of the most anticipated film of its kind this summer!

USG 2: World War Geek

Yes, just one year later the cinematic USG return for another adventure of international and intergalactic proportions! Ray Romano, Kevin Smith, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Carla Gugino of United States of Geekdom: The Movie reprise their roles as the intrepid podcasters, crime fighters, and vampire/wampa hunters. Martin Landau returns as Count Dracula and William Shatner also joins the cast, again as himself. USG 2: World War Geek is already being hailed as the film the rest of the summer has been building up to and many are predicting it will shatter the Harry Potter record like a Wonkavator on steroids!

The USG are put through their paces when the fate of The Spire (from the end of the first movie) is revealed and a star-spanning conflict is sparked. The maniacal Princess Draconia sets her sights on the planet Earth and specifically the United States of Geekdom. The empowering message of the intrepid podcasters has reached her distant throne world and has inspired a civil war. Perceiving the USG to be the biggest threat to her sovereignty she quietly departs the planet Eaeskula with her most trusted military aides. When a freak accident destroys all but a handful of her minions she is forced into an unholy alliance with the USG’s most unholy enemy, Count Vladamir Dracula!

Meanwhile the members of the USG team have been sent on seemingly unconnected missions at every corner of the globe. The man behind these assignments is none other than William Shatner, now revealed to be the driving force behind the team and all of their missions. When they are not engaged in lively discussions on geeky topics they are an international force for good. And they now face their most dangerous mission and most terrifying foes!

The production is ramped up for this highly anticipated sequel with a stellar new cast joining the returning cast of the first film. Check out this line-up!

Hugh Jackman as Stu

Jumping at the chance to not have to effect a fake non-Australian accent, Jackman would pour himself into this Wolverine-like role after extensive work with vocal coaches to remember what his original accent sounded like. As the latest edition to the elite USG team, Stu leads a special operation against Princess Draconia, the team’s newest enemy! Absolutely no one will be seated during the scene when the Princess’ minions force a captive Stu to drink Foster’s Lager and watch Paul Hogan movies in Sydney!

Rosario Dawson as Krystle

She was the original Geek Chick and is now the first to make her big-screen debut! Rick first encounters Krystle in Bangladesh eradicating a zombie outbreak while he was hunting a vampire. A perfect addition to the team she accompanies Rick on his adventures from eastern Europe to the Antarctic to western Europe!

Sean Astin as Dustin

Don’t let his mild exterior fool you! Beneath that innocent fa├žade is a seething cauldron of violent rage and power, though admittedly he never lets that side of himself out. The USG’s own One Man Geek Army would be perfectly portrayed by Astin who’s has long shown a range from placid resignation to exasperated frustration that would be ideal in this role. Dustin is a key member of Stu’s international strike force in this action packed sequel.

Bernadette Peters as Princess Draconia

In a memorable premortem role, Ms. Peters proves she is still very much alive in the role of an intergalactic royal heir bent on the destruction of the USG. Her alliance with Count Dracula leads to some of the most suspenseful scenes ever to grace the silver screen.

Danny Davito as Charlesworth

At first glance an odd choice for this famous USG character, it is revealed that Stu’s on-air depiction of Charlesworth was always a ruse. While he was aware of the truth, he had to keep that hidden to lull the real Chalesworth into a false sense of security. This diminutive minion of Dracula who murdered Renfield to become the Count’s right hand man, he is a small but dangerous foe.

Kane and the Big Show as Bolo and Lobo

Genetically engineered bodyguards of Princess Draconia, this pair fill the requite professional wrestler casting mandated by Wizard Magazine’s Casting Call. These colossi wreak havoc worldwide until they are taken down by Stu in a Fosters/Hogan/Sydney-fueled rage in the third act.

Pam Grier as herself

At first appearing only to Stu in a Mr. Snuffaluphogus fashion, only far sexier, Ms. Grier is both muse and mentor. Subliminal appearances not withstanding, she is revealed to be Shatner’s most trusted lieutenant and a crucial part of the USG’s mission.

Jason Lee as Lance Sanchez

In a surprise twist the mysterious Lance Sanchez becomes embroiled in the battle royale. But who is Lance Sanchez really? And what are his intentions? Will he side with the USG or their sworn enemies? Or does the Queen of Mexico have his own plans in the midst of the chaos?

Directed by J. J. Abrams.

Produced by Steven Spielburg, Kathleen Kennedy, Hugh Jackman, and Rick Gutierrez.

Original musical score by John Williams.

Special visual, practical, and makeup effects by ILM, Weta Workshop, Stan Winston Studios, and X5 Entertainment.


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