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Random Bit of Awesomeness: Good Advice for All-Con 2012

Hey everybody!  JediCole here with a cool little something that was shown to those in attendence at the Opening Rally of All-Con 2011 as well as part of the looping All-Con TV segments that ran on the hotel's closed circuit channel all weekend.  I am told that a follow-up is in the works for All-Con 2012 with the return of the unique star of this particular PSA.

So why exactly are we showing an All-Con video so long after 2011's show and so long before 2012's?  Well for the answer to that you need to head on over to The JediCole Universe and give a listen to the first installment of JediCole's Open Mic Night.  There is a special announcement between guests that is of interest to anyone planning to attend All-Con 2012!


JediCole here. Due to a lack of technichal expertise on my part the above mentioned premiere of JediCole's Open Mic Night has been delayed as has the important message for USG and JCU fans regarding All-Con 2012. Look for the new show to appear on the site by the end of the July 4 weekend!

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