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Paw Prints - PurrKayla's SDCC 2011 Daily Dispatches: Tuesday Night Two-Fer Part 2

JediCole here, as promised with a second installment of Paw Prints for today!  PurrKayla visits one of San Diego's most famous purrmanant attractions in this final Tuesday dispatch!

Tuesday, July 19th - San Diego Zoo

This was the day I was totally looking forward to the most, next to Comic Con that is! lol!

I love the zoo and had heard that this one was awesome, so I was anxious to check it out for myself!

The zoo is huge! I was there when it opened at 8 a.m. this morning and did not leave it until 2 p.m. this afternoon and I still have not seen it all! I would schedule at least two days to go through the entire zoo next time!

The minute I got inside the zoo I knew exaclty where I was going to hit first - the Big Cat area, of course! lol! But what happened when I approached the Big Cats was even more than I could have imagined or hoped for!

The first cat I came to was the Chinese Leopard. A crowd of people was pressed against the glass, trying to see her, as she was keeping herself towards the back of the area. I made my way to an empty corner of the glass and I began talking. Humans nearby looked at me as if I were crazy, lol, but I kept talking any way. In a soothing tone used on my ferals back home, I began telling her what a good cat she was. She stood up and glanced my way and the biggest smile began to come across my face.

I continued on with a very low voice, in a calming tone, and soon she was coming across the front of the glass straight towards me! I touched the glass with my right palm and told her she was a good cat. She paused long enough for some photos and then went back to the far corner of her environment.

I joked with my human about how she must have known it was me, PurrKayla, even when I was in "secret identity mode!" lol! Later on I asked the zoo face-painter to put MY face on me, lol, and she happily obliged! :)

That is one eerie looking bobcat!*
The next cat we came to was the Bob-Cat. He was reclining in a hammock type of swing, with his back to the window. After hearing me talking to him, he stretched, sat up and looked at me. My human was able to snap a few more pictures of this most accomodating feline, before he ventured off to another area of his cage, to finish the cat-nap I so rudely interrupted! lol!

The Snow Leopard and the Jaguar each followed suit, both opening their eyes and looking directly at the camera, lol, but it was the Mountain Lion who truly went out of her way for me. :)

Upon arriving at her cage I saw her almost hidden in a rock area. I began talking to her and she actually started to make her way down from where she was! Each step bringing her closer to me, until we were looking each other in the eye! She was as close to me as the bars would allow!

Humans ran up and started taking photos, lol. One woman told me that they had been there a while, hoping to see her long enough to snap a picture of her. They asked me how I did that, lol, and I replied "I'm a cat too." lol!

After a while, I told the Mountain Lion that I had to go and what happened next blew me away even more! She looked at me, backed away, turned and went back up to the rocky area she was originally at before! lol!

While the rest of the day at the zoo was fun, and the other animals were cool to see, my memories of my first visit there will always be of the Big Cats that made me feel at "home." :)

I highly recommend a visit (or two) to the San Diego Zoo! The parking was free, the admission was reasonable and it included all the shows put on through out the zoo daily.

There are double decker tour buses you can ride through the zoo, as well as a Sky-Safari ride. The food was great, the souvenirs in keeping with the prices found in other zoos, and the memories you will have from your visit are ones you will always treasure!

I know I will. :)

Tomorrow is pick up con badges day!!

Catnip Out!


*Wow!  The first Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back reference of 2011!


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