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Paw Prints - PurrKayla's SDCC 2011 Daily Dispatches: Cat in the HOUSE!

JediCole here again with the latest from the San Diego Comic Con from the most super of super fans and correspondents, PurrKayla! The convention kicked off yesterday at last and Purr has all of the details (I felt scoop was not a good choice of words with a feline theme going on here). Since this it the first of the "from the floor" reports I should just let PurrKayla take it from here...

Thursday, July 21 - First real day of Comic Con!!!

The day started with the alarm clock going off at 5 AM. I quickly got ready for the day, so we get get to the Hyatt this morning. You see today marked the start of 2012 pre-registration day, so I wanted to get there and get in to line nice and early!

I took three trolleys to get there this morning, due to how early it was. You had to take the Green Line to the end, then the Blue Line to American Plaza, then the Orange Line on to downtown and the convention center.

Sounds confusing, right? Yeah, to me too! lol! So I just followed the humans who had the extra large Comic Con backpacks on! So much easier than actually knowing how to get where you needed to go! lol!

Got off the last trolley in front of the convention center and walked the half mile needed to reach the Hyatt. Went inside the lobby and followed the signs for the line. Found myself walking in the lobby, through the lobby, past the looby, out the backdoor of the hotel, back past the convention center (half mile away) and even a little bit beyond that - just to get to the end of the line for pre-registration!!

Pre-reg was listed as being open from 8 AM - 11 AM every day of the con. We were all told ahead of time that only a limited number of tickets would be sold each day, but no one seem to know exactly how many that would be.

So by 6 AM, I was in my spot in line. By 8 AM the pre-reg line started moving and all was right with the world. lol. But by 9:30 AM rumors began making their way through the line. Someone had heard that today's tickets were sold out. No one in line wanted to believe it. No one left the line.

Even when people started finding articles about it online, even at the Comic Con site itself, no one left the line. Not even me. Because those of us in line since 6 AM, those of us who got so close to where we could actually see the registration signs, we had to believe that the rumors were wrong. We just had to.

Finally someone associated with the con itself shouted the bad news to the crowd. A crowd which had been standing in line in the heat. A crowd which still had a bad taste in its mouth from the online Epic and Leapfrog crash the last time tickets went on sale online for this year's con!

Suddenly we were told that it did not matter what time you got in to line, there was nothing they could do for you. You would need to go on your way and try back again Friday morning.

By that time, there was already a line for Friday. Yes, by 9 AM Thursday morning there was already a substantial line forming for the chance of getting tickets for next year's con on Friday morning! I decided not to spend my first day outside in a line which would not end until the following day, lol, so I went inside.

The convention center was packed! Over 200,000 people tend to do that to a place! lol!
My human and I made our way to the Sails Pavilion to try our luck at the ticket lottery for wristbands which would get us special signings from the Mortal Kombat Legacy cast and from the creator of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon!

It took three tries through the line to pull out winning tickets but soon we were both displaying the 3-D Warner Bros wristbands that we needed!

Once they were firmly in place, it was a mad rush back downstairs to the WB booth (# 4545) on the main convention floor! Making our way quickly through the huge dealer room, we quickly entered the roped off area and waited in our second line of the day. This time quite happily, knowing that after a couple hour wait, this line would provide me with the results I so desperately wanted! Free signings from Ed Boon and the entire cast of Mortal Kombat Legacy!

Once I had the two signed posters put away safely in my bag (one for me and one for my friend, Jared), it was then time to head outside the convention center to make our way to the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton next door!

This time we were there early enough to skip long lines and to just go right inside the room!

Special effects expert Rick Baker was just finishing up his panel. We secured seats in the back of the room and listened to the tips he was sharing with the new and up-coming hopefuls in the crowd.

Next up was the panel for the newest comic book, Blood Red Dragon. The panel had Stan Lee, Yoshiki and Todd McFarlane. They explained that Yoshiki was the super hero in the book and that his music played in to it. Free comic books were given out which contained a music chip inside of them. Once you opened the comic book, Yoshiki's music would play. It was pretty cool!

Next came the panel for H + (plus). It showed a trailer for an internet mini-series about people being connected to the web, phones and all devices through the use of special implants. But something goes terribly wrong and one third of the population dies. It is really an eye opening look at what could happen twenty years from now.

After that came the Mortal Kombat Legacy panel. The cast of the video series were present, less "Sonya," who was present via Skype. The newest segment featuring Cyrax and Sektor was shown and it was amazingly awesome!

Then the time came for Ed Boon to announce the 4th downloadable character for the Mortal Kombat 9 video game! A trailer came up and you saw some familiar faces in it - Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kano - but then the newest member was shown....Freddy Krueger!!!

That's right! Freddy is out of your nightmares and is now kicking some serious butt in the Mortal Kombat realm! lol!

When all of the panels that we had wanted to see in that room were over, we made our way downtown to have dinner at the Cafe' Diem, a cool restaurant which is made up to resemble the one from the television show "Eurkea," Just such a cool, fun place to eat!

After collecting a few more freebies at the convention, and having my right foot stepped on by a human rushing to get some where (ouch!), we decided to call it a night and to re-group in the morning!

Tomorrow we will be seeing if our luck holds out to get to all the panels that we would like to attend! Keep your paws crossed for luck!

Catnip Out!


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