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Paw Prints - PurrKayla's SDCC 2011 Daily Dispatches: San Diego Pride

Our resident feline super-hero is back with more news from San Diego!  Getting a head start on this weekend's festivities, PurrKayla shares the fun and excitement she and her human, Tom, enjoyed while visiting the wonderful city that hosts such an amazing convention!  It sounds like there was a lot to keep her paws full with on the second big day of reporting so I will turn you over to Purr and Paw Prints!

Sunday, July 17th - Day 2 in San Diego - the week leading up to Comic Con! :)

This morning I decided to check out the Pride Festival, held annually, and am I ever glad I did! Holy Catnip, there was so much cool stuff and so many super friendly humans! :)

The first one I met while standing in line was a young boy named Julian. We started talking and within a few minutes a bond of friendship was formed. :)

He quickly filled me in on the fact that he was Spider-Man but that he forgot his "make-up" like mine. (lol!!) We then started talking about cats and Spider-Man, webbing and dragons and he assured me that he knows a store "right over there" (he pointed off in the distance) that sold webbing and dragons! (lol!) He then told me that he would buy me a dragon and some cool cat claws! (lol). He was totally adorable and talking with him sure made the wait in line to get in to the festival just seem to fly by!

Once the gates opened, I found myself stopping at all kinds of booths! There were all kinds of freebie photo opportunities as you made your way down the path. There were also free bead necklaces and free candies as well! Oh yeah, I was a happy cat! lol!

I got to talk to a lot of vendors and I found myself being asked to pose for photos with so many people! I even got to be interviewed by an online show!

The smells of all kinds of food could be smelled as you made your way further in to the festival, from Philly cheesesteaks and cheeseburgers to Asian and Mexican dishes as well!

There was also live entertainment on various stages and I even found a place called The Children's Garden! I asked if that's where human children were grown, lol, but found out that it was a cool place with awesome activities for children of all ages!

More walking lead to more socializing and more new friends! I found out that I will be seeing some of them later this week at Comic Con!!

I am definitely making plans to hit the Pride Festival again next year, when I come back here for SDCC 2012.

After the festival, I swung by Sea World and caught the Shamu show! It was awesome! The killer whales did all kinds of tricks, jumps and flips! No trainers got in to the water with them though, which I think is a good idea on their part. Safety should always come first!

Tomorrow's trip will be to the USS Midway aircraft carrier!

But for now...this very tired cat is going to collapse in to bed and call it a day! lol!

Catnip Out!



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