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Paw Prints - PurrKayla's SDCC 2011 Daily Dispatches: The Arrival

JediCole here introducing a brand new limited edition segment for the USG site.  Our resident super-hero PurrKayla is going all out this year on her second trip to San Diego Comic Con and sending us daily reports from the field!  Everyone's favorite feline heroine agreed to be our field reporter, once again showing her incredible capacity as a super-hero!  While last year we were bitter that we could not attend, this year we are offering up the most purrrrrfect coverage possible!

We are pleased to report that Purr had made it to California which means we can look forward to more dispatches over the course of the week and especially next weekend.  If you see PurrKayla at any conventions in Texas later this year (or indeed at Comic Con if you are attending) be sure to say hi and thank her for all that she does.  When it comes to super-heroes she really is the cat's meow!

So now without further ado, our first dispatch from San Diego!

San Diego Report, Day 1:

Flew out of Dallas Love Field yesterday and arrived in San Diego!!!! :)

The flight attendant's safety briefing on the flight here was hysterical!! Here are some parts of it!

You have a seat belt, it buckles and un-buckles.

In the event this plane turns in to a cruise ship, there's a life vest under your seat.

If we we lose cabin pressure, stop screaming & reach for the oxygen mask. Then breath like you never have before!

If you're traveling with small children, what were you thinking?!

The smoking section's on the wing, if you can get it lit, you can smoke it.


Really had me laughing and gave the flight a pre-comic con feeling! lol!

Landed to temps in the 60's! Took a cat-nap and then went out to explore and to meet some of the locals.

The attached picture shows one of them enjoying a kiddie truck ride outside of a local store! lol!

Here are some tips for newbies purrhaps attending Comic Con for the first time this year, or for humans looking to attend in the future:

Book your hotel way in advance and look in the Mission Valley area. It's beautiful here and the rates are much lower than downtown!

Take the trolley to and from the con! It costs five dollars a day, round trip, or you can purchase a four day pass for fifteen dollars and get unlimited rides! No traffic or parking hassles to worry about and it's so much fun meeting and talking to fellow con-goers on board! It makes two stops at the convention center. Get off at the first stop if you need to get in line to pick up your badges. Get off at the second stop if you already have your badges, that way you can avoid the badge pick up lines and just go right in!

Explore downtown! The con pours in to the streets literally and there is so much to see and do all around you!

Bring an extra amount of patience. Comic Con is huge, hunders of thousands of people, there will be lines. Rooms fill up quickly for panels and they do not clear the rooms in between events. People tend to go in them early and stay in them most of the day.

Okay time to start day two!

Will send another report tonight or tomorrow! Have some big plans today!

Catnip Out,



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