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The Hobbit Production Diaries...Parts 1, 2, and 3

Hey everybody, Rick here.

I should have been posting these from the start.

Here are the wonderful production diaries for the upcoming Hobbit movie and Yes, we get to see what the dwarves look like, and we get some really neat looks at the behind the scenes stuff without spoiling too terribly much. (Though there is a wonderful cameo at the end of the third production diary that will make your day!)  There is plenty to love here and there is even more that we haven't seen and won't see until the movie comes out next December in 2012.   I will admit that I got chills from several things presented here.  Great stuff all around!  Regardless, here are the first three production diaries.  I will post the rest of them as they come out. This looks like it will be incredible!

Here is the first one

Here is the second one

And finally, the third one!


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