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Hey! We've been mentioned in an article! And Rick's thoughts on a Marvel attraction in Disney Parks...

Hey everybody Rick here and I am quite excited about this.  We were mentioned in an article!  As were our friends of the show, Nowhere in Mulberry, Midnight Movie Cowboys, Hollywood Saloon, and Magical Definition!  I know, this might not be as big to some of you as it is to me, but I am just thrilled to see USG mentioned as positively as it is here.  Having said that, here is the quote...
I love listening to movie podcasts - including the Hollywood Saloon, Midnight Movie Cowboys, Nowhere in Mulberry, United States of Geekdom and the Magical Definition Podcast. All of the above (with the exception of the Magical Definition Podcast) are about film fans discussing what is going on in Hollywood and reviewing the latest movies. I fully support each and every one of them.

Thanks to Zack for mentioning all of us in the article.  Also, here is the link to the article because if you are a Disney theme park nut like I am and also a Marvel fan like I am as well, then you will find this article very interesting.  On a personal note, I have a connection to the Magical Definition podcast in that I used to write for Jim Hill back in the day when I was still living in California. I have also had the opportunity to hang out with Jim at Disneyland. Great guy all around.

Having said that, I think the idea of incorporating the Marvel characters into Disneyland is a great idea but it definitely need to be done RIGHT.  These are much beloved characters and they should not be just shoehorned into just anything in the park.  While yes, I love the wonderful bit of concept art they show in the article, I think that just dropping them into Tomorrowland is not the best of ideas but given the size of Disneyland and the amount of crap that has been built up around the park that is not owned by Disney (the hotels, restaurants, etc), the options of the imagineers might be quite limited. Also, not all of the characters are necessarily a good fit for Tomorrowland.  In order to properly give these characters their due, they would need their own designated land or their own theme park.  Unfortunately the idea of a third gate in the Anaheim area might not be feasible given the only other property they have access to is down the street from the resort area and that could cause some issues. 

A fifth gate starring only the Marvel characters in Florida (while a great idea) is unfortunately not feasible because of the fact that Universal holds the rights to the characters I believe anywhere east of the Mississippi River.  This is due to a deal that was inked years ago before the acquisiton of the characters.  Having said that, if Disney is going to make a themed land with the Marvel characters, it will have to be in California although I have heard rumors that they do own land somewhere here in Texas.  Could they possibly decide to finally make a park here in the Lone Star State?  I would love to see something like this myself.  Honestly I doubt it will ever happen, but one can certainly dream...

Let's get some discussion here.  Do you guys want a Marvel themed park here in Texas by Disney?   Keep in mind the Imagineers are the best in the business in terms of creating some truly immersive adventures.  DISCUSS!          

I say yes bring it on. Six Flags needs the competition to force them to FINALLY RESTORE SIX FLAGS IVER TEXAS. Lord knows it needs it badly

You guys might also want to check out this particular link as it shows what is or was being planned for the Marvel park in Dubailand. Fascinating stuff!

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