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Watch It Returns!: The Animated Batman Edition

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Hey everybody, Rick here with a look at some of the fantastic work coming out of DC Animated Universe courtesy of Warner Premier.  They bring out some absolutely quality work and a lot of these, while animated, are most definitely not family friendly.  Of all the animated ones to come out, I have to say that I love the Batman animated movies the most, if nothing else for their story.  I always manage to find something to enjoy out of all these movies but Batman for me for some reason, has gotten a lot of love from me and these animated movies are definitely some great reasons why. Here are some of my favorites  Let's get going!

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
The first one to be discussed is easily one of the darkest things to come out of Warner with Batman as a character.  This particular one features a really incredible sequence which serves as a flashback to the night where Batman and Batgirl faced off with the Joker for the last time.  This sequence drew in a lot of controversy because they have the audacity to show Robin getting tortured by the Joker with a pair of jumper cables and a car battery.  Really dark stuff going throughout.  People die horribly throughout. NOT FOR KIDS even though they recreate the style of the fantastic Animated Series but the torture sequence alone is pretty disturbing.  Regardless, this movie is really fantastic.  I love  Batman Beyond passionately and this one is a perfect way to cap off the series with seeing how Terry McGuinness would face off against the Joker.  Highly recommended.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
The one animated Batman movie to actually garner a theatrical release.  This one is fantastic and is by the same team that brought the equally fantastic Batman: The Animated Series to life.  The thing about this one is though, it takes its time getting to it's awesome finale.  We get a lot of exposition and backstory involving Bruce Wayne but  while it takes up much of the movie, it is never ever boring.  Once we do get our big showdown, the fight is downright epic.  We see blood for the first time in an animated Batman movie. The animation is gorgeous and Shirley Walker's musical score is nothing short of awesome. 

Batman: Gotham Knight
Batman and Anime?  WTF?  Really?  Um, okay.  I went into this one with much trepidation.  I was not expecting it to be so good.  I attempted to see this one no less than three times before I was able to finally sit through it.  I know, I know, it doesn't really sound like a ringing endorsement but it is really good.  In all fairness, the first time I tried to watch it, I was just out of the emergency room with my wife after she had my son.  The second time was attempted after a sleepless night with my son being up all night.  The final attempt I was given a chance to watch and I was treated to a truly unique animated experience.  This movie is comprised of six vignettes all written by six different people and the result is nothing short of insane.  It really is good stuff and the animation is really well done.  Highly recommended.

Batman: Under the Red Hood
This one that I can honestly say that this Batman is not for kids.  The first ten minutes involve the Joker beating the crap out of the Jason Todd Robin with a crowbar and it is done in graphic detail.  Regardless, the voice work is excellent in this one and the writing is really good.  Specifically the relationships betweeen Batman and Nightwing.    Hard to watch but definitely worth your time.

We apologize for the delay between editions of "Watch It!"  We are working on getting back on track and should be running at full steam very soon! Thanks for your patience!  Stay Geeky!

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