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Thwipster - Its time to get more for your geek dollar

In a plugged in world, where you can look up the best gas prices and book discount hotel rooms from your phone or ipad, we are getting more for our money with every click of the mouse, or tap of the finger (and god I hope soon....MY THOUGHTS). What i have found lacking are special deals for the geek in all of us. Sure Groupon tells that I can get a White Water Kayaking trip for half off until the end of the day, and LivingSocial just let me know that I can get half off the Dr. Fate Cobb Salad over at Warriors, but what do we have to feed the ever hungry geek that lives in us all...

I GIVE YOU......

Much like a Groupon or a LivingSocial, delivers daily geek deals to you via your email. The offers are going to vary, but they are good and worth looking at. They come in for a limited time, and then like Nightcrawler...BAMF. Head over to the site and check the site, sign up for email alerts, follow them on the twitters and the Facebook. You are gonna spend the money anyway, why not get the most for it!

Now if I can get that Kazar / Howard the Duck crossover in collected form on there....

Let us know what you find out there!

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