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Superhero Summer, Part 4: The Green Latern

I've been away for a good bit and I dearly apologize. Please forgive me.

Now, this past Thursday I saw The Green Lantern. Here is my opinions on the film.

First off, it was good, but it wasn't phenomenal. I know very little of The Green Lantern in the comics so whether this aided me or hurt my experience, I don't know. I left the Theater with a good dose of awesome, but feeling a little less excited about the movie as compared to my reaction to Thor.

It tells the Origins of the Lanterns and Hal Jordan's Journey to become The Green Lantern in good detail.

Ryan Reynolds was certainly a good choice. He gave good comic relief where it was needed and then showed he could do the serious acting bits as well.

The Visuals of Oa and the other Lanterns were stunning and I had hoped to see more of the alien species that made up the Lantern's Corps.

I was pleasantly surprised to see in the Credits that Geoffrey Rush was Tomar-Re. I certainly enjoyed the wise, fish headed, alien.

Kilowog voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan was perfect.

The story of Parallax and the power of Fear certainly showed an epicness to villains rarely seen. He seemed unbeatable until Hal used all he knew and had learned to overcome the obstacles presented.

But for all that praise I have to admit that I wouldn't have watched it more than once in theaters and will probably get it on DVD but it won't be one of those films I watch over and over till I know it forwards and back.

I do, on the other hand, recommend you do watch it. It certainly deserves the fans it gains and it does give the true Superhero treatment.

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