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Superhero Summer, Part 3: "X-Men: First Class"

I do not like to be wrong. I will vehemently defend my position until I am proven wrong by evidence irrefutable.

Now, it is time for me to eat crow.

With that said, X-Men First Class was a good movie. Splendid in fact. I found myself enjoying the story of Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier. Explaining a good many details that were eluded to in other mediums and the former films.

I was disappointed with a few facts. The first being no Cain Marko shown in young Charles' life. Raven Darkholme being Charles' step sister didn't bother me as much as i would have thought, but no Cain Marko seemed a large oversight. Another was the lack of a Stan Lee Cameo.

I was also expecting to see at least a young Cyclops with his brother Alex and a young Jean Grey somewhere as a small cameo during the mutant search.

I loved James Macavoy and Michael Fassbender as Professor X and Magneto. They give the younger versions such depth that I was pleasantly surprised to see how well they worked. And you can easily envision them as friends with the fluid sort of interaction that takes place, allowing them to be more than the iconic Hero and Villain.

The use of less seen characters also, surprisingly, worked to this films advantage. We saw film time given to characters rarely even seen as headliners to the comics and it gave to a sense of them actually being the first Mutant team that later moved on to do their own things.

Another advantage was the villain, Sebastian Shaw and his team. Emma Frost seemed to fit into the film flawlessly. Kevin Bacon proved his acting chops and gave us a Villain with a far reaching scheme and the charisma to pull it off. He begins as the bad man and the history provided him gives the major plot points true basis.

So, in forethought, I reacted hastily and have thus been proven wrong.

I was never more pleased to be wrong.

Scott and Jean were shown in the Cerebro scene.

The wolverine cameo was nice too

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