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Housekeeping for June 2011: State of the Geeky Union/We Want More Writers/Contest Ideas/USG 4

Hey everybody, Rick here with the housekeeping for the month of June 2011! 

State of the (Geeky) Union
We are now past the one year anniversary of United States of Geekdom.  What does that mean for us? Well, you can expect more content, more podcast, and yes, more random awesomeness.  All told, we are looking at making U.S.G. the BEST geek website out there and it's due in part of you listeners and fans out there.

That said... 

I don't usually ask for help.  If there is something that I can do, I do it and I maintain it as best as I can.  However, I have reached a personal financial crisis in my life and the cost of the podcast is going to become increasingly prohibitive to the point where I will no longer be able to afford to maintain the show as it is at the moment.  We have a Paypal box and we have an affiliate partnerships with Entertainment Earth and Think Geek which is why you now see links on the site.  So if you are able to throw us some money our way, it would be most appreciated. I have never asked for anything from anyone in terms of money but I know you guys love the show and this being a true personal crisis, the USG needs your help.  So please feel free to throw some cash our way and I will see to it that you guys get something in terms of premium content from us as a big thank you. 

We Want More Contributers
Want to write for the site?  Want to jump in on the geeky discussion in our episodes?  Here's how!  Shoot us a note to and we'll talk.  We are always looking for people to jump in on the conversation with us.  The geek community that we have been able to help establish is something that I have enjoyed and we are looking at definitely expanding.  So please write to us and we'll talk!

Contest Ideas
We are also looking for some ideas for contests.  We are quite excited to present the latest contest courtesy of our writer Jedi Master Excalibur and the prize is freaking sweet!  If you have any more ideas for contests, please e-mail us (once again) at  All submissions will be considered and most appreciated. 

Local to the DFW area?  Want to hang out with some awesome geeky people? Want to see Green Lantern? Of course you do!  We are catching a matinee show of this movie that is shaping up to be one of the biggest comic to film adaptations ever made and we want you to join us for an afternoon of heroes, food, laughter, and some of the coolest geeky people on thwe face of the planet.  (And I will be there too.  See waht I did there?  Never mind...)  Anyway, I will post more details on the event in the next coupleof days because we are seeing this here flick on Saturday June 17th!  More very soon!

That's it for me for now,  Thanks for all your support and keep listening to the show and stay geeky!


I don't think I am a big enough GEEK to write for this site but I would love to anyway! I am more of a new GEEK or maybe a GEEK wannabee or GEEK poser... Let's just say it started with my friend Annie forcing me to watch BUFFY and it's been on since then!

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