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Green Screen - Mrs. JediCole's Green Lantern Review

Mrs. JediCole here with my review of the new Green Lantern movie. 

Because this is a review so close to the release date and all there may be things considered SPOILERS so if you are concerned about SPOILERS then you may wish to read this until after you seen the movie and no longer have to worry about SPOILERS!  Did I mention that this has Spoiler Alert potential?

Before I saw Green Lantern with the USG family, I knew exactly this much about Green Lantern:  He was a hero and that he was in a job which has a high turnover rate.

I had never read a Green Lantern comic and was unfamiliar with the villains associated with the character.  From the standpoint of reviewing the movie this fact gives me a great advantage.  I saw the film for what it was without being burdened by prior incarnations of the characters and their history.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie on a personal level and look forward to the next in the series.  I give Green Lantern FIVE STARS!

Now unlike other fanboy reviews, I can justify every single one of those hard-earned stars as follows:

PLUS ONE STAR for getting me up to speed in two minutes!

Ancient counsel of immortal smart guys decide to micro-manage universe using a green-light power source to support contract labor recruited from each designated territory. Their home planet houses the Power Source, the Board Room (with the one broken chair no one has gotten around to fixing), Training Facilities, and an enormous Break Room where the majority of the employees can be found at any given time.  That’s all I need to know. No foggy flashbacks or evolution & recruitment montages. Good job!

PLUS ONE STAR for well cast actor to play hero.
Can act --- looks good in suit--- is young enough to do at least two sequels before he has to be replaced.

PLUS ONE STAR for two good beginner bad-guys! 
The formidable massively powerful evil soul-sucking space smog and (more difficult to defeat) the All-grown-up Fugley nerd you knew in high school.

PLUS ONE STAR for hero’s internal struggle.
Our hero is a twenty-something year old male who would eagerly para-sail blindfolded, ride a mountain bike down the Grand Canyon or swim in alligator infested waters but would surely pee himself at the thought of proposing to his girlfriend. The movie implicates his father’s sudden, violent, emotionally devastating death for this chickenshit-at-the-first-sign-of-commitment outlook on life. It isn’t necessary though. Dude is 20-something. There ya’ go.

PLUS ONE STAR for good use of humor.
Sparingly enough to remind us that this IS supposed to be FUN while not being goofy at every turn thus spoiling a thrilling moment. Good Job!

PLUS ONE STAR for not grinding everything to a screeching halt so hero can have sex & then immediately realize (after he’s done, mind you) that hero life & love life don’t mix.

MINUS ONE STAR for: Bad guy kidnaps love interest & threatens to mess her up.

I can now say with confidence that in the genre of super hero films, Green Lantern is my second favorite super hero of the silver screen.  If you can guess my number one cinematic super hero (and be first to do so by posting as a comment on this review) we will give you your own FIVE STAR shout-out on the website and send you a really cool Green Lantern prize!

Love and all the best,
Mrs. JediCole


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