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And now...Half-Ass Roundtable!

The United States of Geekdom’s own Andrew Farmer has done it again! No, I’m not talking about buying another Green Lantern collectible or breaking Rick. What he has done is to suggest another incredible podcast experience for our listeners!

By now you must know that we can’t get enough of podcasting around here. From Rick hopping from podcast to podcast between our own episodes to our cooperative project with the Midnight Movie Cowboys, Super Geek-Out, to my upcoming podcast endeavors over at The JediCole Universe we are always ready for more! So what has Andy cooked up this time?

Well what he has in mind is a unique kind of show that will be the most spontaneous yet! All of our standard USG episodes are planned out to some degree well in advance. With each new topic for the regular show we always have some lead time to think about what we are discussing, do a little research, and sometimes even put together an outline for the show. The Super Geek-Outs have a combination of off the cuff geekiness and preplanned subjects. There is a lot that goes into the shows before they become the shows. But this time will be different!

The JediCole Universe is proud to present…
Half-Ass Roundtable!

What sets Half-Ass Roundtable apart from the shows of the USG is two fold. First, our listeners will determine the subject matter of any given episode. This puts you in the drivers seat for our show. But there is more! None of the topics suggested by listeners will be known to us before we record the show! A special email address for Half-Ass Roundtable has been established to receive incoming suggestions. The day of an episode recording we will open one of our emails while we record and engage in a roundtable discussion of that topic. No pre-planning, no research, no clue what we will be talking about as we convene each Roundtable!

The cast will consist of myself as host along with Andrew (from the USG) and Stu (from the Midnight Movie Cowboys). In addition we will have a new guest each episode, usually from the podcasting community who gets thrown in the middle of all of this with us. Expect to hear some lively discussion as we are more or less forced to do what we do best, be witty and creative off the tops of our heads! Andrew’s concept was to see if we will sink or swim when thrown a mystery topic out of the blue. It could go either way depending on the topic suggested. And either way it promises to be a lot of fun in the tradition of the United States of Geekdom.

Each episode will run about one hour, 45 minutes of which will be the discussion of the topic at hand. We will have a specific time limit of 45 minutes to sink or swim on your topic, no more and no less. Once we start the clock we have to stick to topic and stay with it for the duration. The balance of the show will be taken up with the welcome and farewell portions.

So how do you get involved? Here are the guidelines for contributing to Half-Ass Roundtable:

1. Send topic suggestions to (Mrs. JediCole’s email) and use Roundtable as the subject. Only suggestions sent to this address will be utilized as we cannot forward email without opening it, thus risking that someone might see the topic in advance.

2. Topics should be in the vein of this show and website. Jet Propulsion Engine Technology and History for example is not a viable topic for Half-Ass Roundtable. We reserve the right to ignore off topic suggestions so if you want yours to be used, bear that in mind.

3. Please submit only one topic per email. You can submit as many topics as you wish (within reason please), but send each on a separate email. If more than one subject is in a single email only one of them will be selected for the episode and the rest will be excluded from future consideration.

4. Be creative and diverse in your subject matter. We want to challenge ourselves with this particular show and discover some new aspects of Geekdom in the process. Draw your subject matter (as we do) from movies, television, comics, sci-fi/fantasy literature, gaming, and pretty much any other sources of geek interest.

5. Hurry! We want to get this new project off the ground as soon as possible. The sooner we start to receive suggestion emails the sooner we will be get this bird in the air!

Half-Ass Roundtable
Will They Sink or Swim?
The first episode goes live on The JediCole Universe on Sunday, June 18, 2011!

Bonus! We pride ourselves on being able to provide a viable show each time we set out to record Half-Ass Roundtable. But sometimes we are going to sink. With that in mind, also include with your topic a note about something you want us to have to do should be unable to make it through the entire 45 minutes talking about your topic. It has to be a reasonable request and something we can do on the show itself – like singing a cartoon theme song or reciting a few Shakespeare passages in silly voices. Just in case we can’t make it, you get a little something special in honor of making us sink!


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