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50 most underrated horror movies of all time this week

Horror Movies are a tricky thing. They trigger something in us, something that resides deep in a long forgotten part of our minds. Something slippery, something that we can't define or categorize. The best ones make us think, feel, laugh, shudder, and embrace something that we had long forgotten about. They make us face our fears. There are horror movies that never fail to make the top ten lists, and they are great movies all. I would never befront anyone that says that The Exorcist is one of the best horror movies ever to be put on celluloid, or Jaws, or any of the other classics.

There are some movies that slip through the
cracks, great films that never get their proper due. We think it is high time that some of these movies get recognized. Stuart "Beef" Baulk, and I ... along with fellow host "Jedi Cole" Houston and Rick "Big Daddy" Gutierrez , have set out to do just that. A lot of these films are going to be considered...contentious at best. We have set forth some movies here that we feel are under recognized or just plain underrated. Many of these are not "Straight Horror", but they are all worth a look. Some are just funny romps, while others are highly disturbing journeys into the human psyche. So enjoy this list, and watch these movies. They are the ones you might have missed, and if you didn't...check them out again!

Listed in no order what so ever

1.) Jacob's Ladder - Nightmarish, hellish and unconventional. This is a look into the human mind and a man haunted by his demons. An excellent performance by Tim Robbins makes this well worth a look - Stu

2.) Frailty - Ok, this one has a special place in
my heart. It almost defies it madness? Is he following prophetic order? One thing is for sure....Bill Paxton isn't up for father of the year. Easily one of my favorite movies on this list. - Andrew

3.) Altered - From the bizarre and twisted mind
s that brought you The Blair Witch Project...The story of a man that was involved in the trapping and killing of an otherworldly predator, and what happens when his chickens come home to roost. Sometimes the only way out is that there isn't one... - Andrew

4.) In The Mouth of Madness - It shouldn't surprise anyone that this list is gonna be Lovecraft heavy...This is by far the best adaptation loo
sely based on his work of all time. Creepy and mind blowing...right to the end - Andrew

5.) Willard - Crispin Glover in this fan
tastic remake with some really creepy moments involving rats. Lots and lots of rats. I will never hear the Michael Jackson song "Ben" the same way ever again. - Rick

6.) Trick R' Treat - Witness the rebirth of the modern horror anthology! And then there is Sam...his burlap sac head is the new face of nightmare fuel - Andrew

The only thing that truly sucks about this movie is that it did not get the movie release it deserved. One of my favorite anthology horror films. - Rick

7.) The Blob - Some movies are unexpected trailblazers. Such was the case with the original Blob which paved the way for its 80's remake. Look at it from a studio standpoint..."You want us to finance a movie about a big glop of slime? - Jedicole

8.) The Mist - It's not often that a film adaptation of a book is known to outshine it's printed predecessor. Even if you loved the short story, watch this one...the ending will ruin you! - Andrew

Easily one of the angriest movies ever made
. If you can, get a hold of the 2 disc edition because there is a real treat. You can see The Mist in Black and White and it packs even more of a punch in this format. Why watch it in B&W? It was Darabont's original vision to release it in black and white until the studio made him release it in color. - Rick

9.) Lord of Illusions - Oh this movie....amazingly insane. Another fully fleshed out short story, this time from Clive Barker. This isn't your Harry Potter magic...nasty and vicious, you will never look at Chris Angel the same again. - Andrew

10.) Event Horizon - Another Lovecraft inspired film (yeah go ahead and argue with me!) It's a hell portal in space. Lawrence Fishburne and Sam Neil (and not his first appearance on this list!) make a strong run for their best performances ever in a multi
dimensional space horror film! - Andrew

11.) Near Dark - How can you go wrong with a film about vampires that has poster art that looks like the TV Guide ad for Beverly Hills 90210-666? - JediCole

From the Academy Award winning director of such films like The Hurt Locker and Point Break comes Near Dark. Featuring Bill Paxton in his second appearance on this list! - Rick

12.) Cujo - Dogs in the cinema have traditionally been, well, man's best friend. Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Benji, Hooch, the list goes on and on! When the f
amiliar and friendly tail wagger goes bad, really bad, that is the stuff of horror! We want to think of dogs jumping up into our laps or riding shotgun with us in a pick up truck while wearing a stylish bandanna. Not actively stalking us and trying to eat our face! - Jedicole

13.) Angel Heart - Arguably Mickey Rourke's most powerful performance, and De Niro as the Devil. What starts out as a simple detective yarn, turns horrifying quickly. Murder, voodoo, and mayhem...not to mention actual deals with devil. Couple all this with amazing performances by the entire cast, and you have an edgy, scary version of Midnight Run! That and that persistent rumor that Rourke and Lisa Bonet actually did the horizontal mambo for there love scene! Watch this one! - Andrew

This movie wound up getting Lisa Bonet written off the Cosby show when Bill Cosby saw the movie. She went on to get her own show which was a spin off of the Cosby Show called A Different World. Sad Bill Cosby face indeed. - Rick

14.) Abandoned - By far the best movie to come of the AfterDark line to date. The isolation is palpable. - Andrew

15.) Dead Mary - Another direct to dvd release that actually deserved the big screen treatment. Simple in execution, and a story that we have all heard before. Its not going to change your life, but for a week or so, when you walk into your bath room, you WILL turn on the light before you look into any mirror! This one also features a great contribution from Dominique Swain. - Andrew

16.) Ravenous - Not too many period pieces on this list, but man...this movie will eat you alive. An insanely strong cast, and the rising question of the fox in the hen house really drives this one to the brink of horror insanity. Just remember, if Robert Carlisle happens upon your campsite....just don't call him a Windigo! - Andrew

17.) The Strangers - When vacationing at isolated rent properties it is important to pack accordingly. Shampoo (the bottles they leave are never big enough), your own toothbrush, swimwear (in case there is a pool or lake), shotgun, and plenty of sunscreen. I mean you can never be too careful when you are out in the middle of nowhere. Sunburn can spoil your holidays worse than even derranged psycho-killers! - JediCole

18.) Serpent and the Rainbow - Probably the last thing your grandma would have imagined when she saw the listing in the paper for what was showing at the General Cinema IV down the block when she picked this movie was that it would be a zombie horror flick! It's got rainbows in it so it must be safe for the kids! Good thing she still thought the R rating meant "Right for Children". And as horror movies in the zombie genre go, this is more the traditional Hatian Voodoo than brain-craving undead. - JediCole

Still have issues watching this one from start to finish - Andrew

19.) Session 9 - One of the most recognized unsung horror movies ever. This movie appears on virtually every underrated list out there. Trust me on this, it does so with great pedigree. I can't even start to describe or explain this one without giving too much away. WATCH IT. The acting in this is superior to most any oppressive physiological horror thriller out there, and it's hard to match the thrill of seeing David Caruso at his legitimately non-hackiest. - Andrew

20.) Black Sheep - Killer sheep plaguing the countryside in New Zealand? HELL YES! Easily one of the best and the funniest on this list! - Rick

21.) Maniac Cop - Bruce Campbell, Richard Roundtree, Tom Atkins, Robert ' The Chin' Z'Dar - ah, need I say more. A cult classic and very decent horror film. Check out the excellent 'Maniac Cop 2' and the so-so 'Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence' - StuLink

22.) House On Haunted Hill (Remake) Geoffrey Rush and Famke Janssen steal every single scene they share together in this movie. Rush's character's last name is Price in homage to the star of the original version, none other than the great Vincent Price who will from now on have the tag line "The Great" before his name is ever mentioned by any of us from the USG. Another fun fact, the roller coaster at the beginning of the movie actually exists! It is the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Islands of Adventure...only people don't fly off and die when they ride it. - Rick

23.) Ginger Snaps - I am gonna catch fresh hell for this one, but in all honestly, this one is a really solid werewolf entry. Yes it is based in high school, and yes there are lots of hormone references...and yes they are all displayed as metaphor through lycanthropy. It's fun and bitey. - Andrew

24.) Blair Witch Project - Ok...stop it...right now. This movie catches a ton of flack, for being overhyped, for the camera work, for being too amateur...or not amateur enough. These people obviously haven't spent any time in the woods alone...ever. Every snap of a twig in the distance, every noise you can't identify. Truly scary and wonderful. That ending will get ya every stop hating, and just enjoy it - Andrew

25.) 8 Legged Freaks - Another movie on this list where a cat gets a tough break. Regardless, this is a fun movie and very reminiscent of the classics giant bug movies that plagued our movie theaters during the 1960s. -Rick

26.) Rest Stop - There are a few horror movies that should have had major theater releases, instead of an unadvertised dvd launch. No film is more deserving of this than Rest Stop. Isolating and damned scary, it's a real thrill rider of a slasher movie. - Andrew

27.) The Fog (Original) - Adriane Barbeau! Jamie Lee Curtis! Now this is a horror movie that is worth the scares! Sure you are bound to di
e consumed by a mystical fog of doom. But..well, just read the first two sentences and you know you would die happy! - JediCole

28.) Maximum Overdrive - "Honeybun! This machine just called me an asshole!" 'nuff said. That and the fact that this is the ONLY film directed by Stephen King. - Rick

29.) Pet Semetary - It shouldn't shock anyone that Stephen King makes a few appearances on the list. You really can't go wrong with Undead Cats and Creepy Kids (also technically undead). It's an exploration of what you would do it get back the things that you love the most, and what you are willing to sacrifice to keep them. - Andrew

30.) Deadgirl - One of the most disturbing movies that made this list. It's rough to watch and brilliant. The best part end up rooting for the zombie! - Andrew

31.) Abominable Dr Phibes - Nine killed you, nine shall die !! A classic Vincent Price film if ever there was one. Crazy ritualistic killing of surgeons whom Phibes has held responsible for the death of his wife (my love.... my sweet Victoria) aided in these mad crimes by a super hot brunette. Check out the ultra awesome sequel 'Dr. Phibes Rises Again - Stu

32.) The Frighteners - Not all horror movies have to be the scariest thing you have ever seen. This film is damned funny and smart. Alex P. Keaton as a ghost hunter...what more can you ask for! - Andrew

Directed by Peter Jackson. One of his less bizarre movies. Watch Meet the Feebles, Dead Alive, or Bad Taste and you will know what I am talking about. - Rick

33.) Beneath Still Waters - One of those movies that you can't judge by its jacket cover on the racks at Movie Trading Company. At first you're thinking hot bikini-clad bleach-blonde babes, then you see the Angel of Death from Raiders of the Lost Ark in the reflection and it turns into a whole different kind of picture! But at least there's bikini-clad bleach-blonde babes in it! And the Dam of the Damned! - JediCole

Italiangoresuperdisgustingzombiesex - Andrew

34.) Blade 2 - many of you will argue with this one, but it hits every horror beat, and is actually horrifying. Let's be honest here, did you really think that you were gonna get out of this list with me mentioning a comic book movie? It could have been worse, I coulda said....ELECTRA. Comics Book Movie? Horror Movie? It's two-two-two things in one! - Andrew (with help from Jedicole!)

One of my favorite of the Guillermo Del Toro movies and the opening fight involving Blade puts a geeky smile to my face every time I see it. - Rick

35.) Dog Soliders - There has not been a military operation against anthropomorphic canines on this scale since Kamadi The Last Boy on Earth #28. Bulldogs Dying Like Men! - JediCole

36.) Leprechaun - ok, I know I am going to catch a pot o' gold size amount of crap off of my fellow writers here for this, but I LOVE me the Leprechaun films. Poor Warwick Davis needs to work, and the Leprechaun films are the perfect vehicle for wickety-wick-wicket. "Oi want me gold coins", now bring on Leprechaun 7 dammit !! - Stu

Leprechaun riding a tricycle chasing Jennifer Aniston when she was still incredibly cute and in her early 20s. 'Nuff said. - Rick

37.) Witchfinder General - Two words. VINCENT PRICE! If you need more there is something seriously wrong with you. This would be an instant classic no matter the subject matter with Vincent f-ing Price in it! - JediCole

Cole, I do believe you meant
to say "The Great" Vincent Price. See above. This one is greatness though... - Rick

38.) The Last Winter - Isolated and alone in a froze
n wasteland, it's pretty easy to forget whats real or not. The problem is...what if what is real is worse than anything that you can imagine? It's a real tour d'force for Ron Perlman, as gruff as he is caring. It's a stark look into the supernatural. - Andrew

The People Under The Stairs - I would write someth
ing profound about this movie, but it would risk horrific childhood see I had these stairs...wait you did too...maybe you shouldn't watch this one - Andrew

Don't listen to Andrew - Watch it
. A perfect blend of horror and comedy from Wes Craven - Stu

For you Twin Peaks fans, this movie is a real hoot. Everett McGill and Wendie Robie play a different sort of married couple
of this one and they steal the show. - Rick

Stu doesn't have stairs - Andrew

40.) Terror In The Aisles - Compilation Horror film hosted by Nancy Allen and Donald Pleasance, saw this one at the Drive-In at the tender age of 13 and it scared the wits out of me. Sadly we will never see this on DVD as it would be a
rights nightmare, track down the VHS of it if you can, you won't be disappointed - Stu

I love this movie! I remember seeing this doc years ago! Great stuff if you can find it! - Rick

41.) The Swarm - An Irwin Allen classic of Killer bees affecting a small community, with another passive-aggressive performance from Michael Caine. A real horror epic - Stu

42.) Strangeland - One of the most disturbing horror films I have seen in recent years. Written by, and starring, Dee Snider (yes the same one of Twisted Sister fame) it is not for the faint of heart, but an underrated horror film that needs to be seen - Stu
43.) Death Ship - This film still creeps the hell out of me, even upon re-watching it again last year. Strange happenings upon a deserted cruise ship featuring among many things Nazi Propaganda films and songs by Hitler, just bizarre - Stu

44.) Frozen - Makes you think twice about going skiing. Made me never want to go skiing ever. Either way, this is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen that is pretty realistic with its situation which makes it even more intense. - Rick

45.) Uncle Sam - OH HELL YES !!! I love Uncle Sam. unpatriotic citizens, a desert storm vet who rises from the grave on July 4th to murder these uncouth souls. This film is frickin' awesome, and it is directed by schlockmeister himself William Lustig, that's all you need to know people - Stu

46.) Warlock - "Now we will wait, for the TRUE Samael to appear" I LOVE LOVE LOVE 'Warlock'. A pony-tailed Julian Sands, a red-wigged Lori Singer, A cameo by the awesome Mary Woronov and directed by the underrated Steve Miner. This is one to watch with your girl with a bucket of popcorn, or with your buddie
s with a case of beer if you are womanless. Awesome fun and lots of good horror - Stu

47.) Rabid - Ex Porn star / Hottie Marilyn Chambers, stars in David Cronenberg's 2nd film. After a motorcycle accident a young woman inherits a parasitic virus after her life has been saved by plastic surgeons that revolts against her molecuar stucture. An excellent film from Cronenberg, and Chambers is quite good in this (did I also mention she is hot? ) - Stu

48.) SLITHER - Written and directed by James Gunn. Stars Nathan Fillion as the town Sheriff fighting intergalactic slugs. Nasty, funny, and very, very gross. You must watch this NOW!!! - Rick

49.) NIGHT OF THE CREEPS - Classic horror from the director of Fright Night and Monster Squad. Yes, more intergalactic slugs, but who cares? It's a fun movie and still pretty scary even for the modern audience. Be sure to watch the director's cut with the alternate ending!! - Rick

50.) DRAG ME TO HELL - Sam Raimi proves that he still has the chops for horror after making three Spider-Man movies. This one was loved by critics but didn't get the audience it deserved. The casting of Alison Lohman is important to note because you end up rooting for her. Had a man been cast in the movie, for example Bruce Campbell, it would not have been as scary but it would have made for a damn funny comedy. Casting a pretty young female adds a certain extra oomph to the proceedings especially for that finale. Seek this out and watch NOW. - Rick

For more of the Amazing Stu Baulk, check out his show, The Midnight Movie Cowboys! Stay tuned for more giant posts on the topics of Top 50 Villians and Top 50 Underrated Scifi Movies! Let the slings and arrows begin! What did we miss? What do you love? What do you hate? Post Comments forthwith!

Ok, so I grew up in a household where my mother covered my eyes when she took me to see "Temple of Doom" in the theater, and I ended up sleeping through most of it. (I know, I know... I will never live that down.) Fast forward a couple decades - I fall in love and marry a guy who probably has most, if not all of these movies in his personal collection (yes, I am serious) and I've seen probably 1/3 of them because he knows me pretty well after 15+ years together and knows my limitations for movie watching. (And no, it's no because I'm grossed out by blood and gore, I just prefer the less is more approach to story telling.) That being said I definately agree with the majority of the list here, especially classics, any thing with The Late, Great Vincent Price (duh!), and a few personal favorites from recent years.

The movie that I feel compelled to relay a personal story about is "House On Haunted Hill". True story - as we were driving back home from the theater that night, the windshield wipers on my husbands car kept turning themselves on. Creeped me out, big time. Add to that, the fact that he was working second shift and we lived in the "country" at the time, and I SWEAR the Dr. Vannacutt character kept showing up at our house, standing in the middle of our driveway, doing that freaky walking/head-shaking thing from the movie. Thank God I had a full grown German Shepard at the time. Yep. Creeped me out that badly. And, of course, it doesn't hurt the movie in that it stars Geoffry Rush, later to become Capt. Hector Barbossa in my beloved Pirates of the Carribean movies. I personally love anything that pays homage to The Late, Great Vincent Price, which was done wonderfully in this movie, in my humble opinion.

Some other great flicks mentioned above that I agree are underrated are "The Fog"(too many acting greats to name!), "Trick Or Treat"(you'll never look at burlap or a sucker the same again), "Dr. Phibes"(although I would've picked Pit and the Pendulum, House of Usher, or Masque of the Red Death as better Price movies), "Terror In The Aisles"(Hello, it's got Donald Pleasance!), and "Pet Semetary"(NOT recommended for viewing at 11:30pm in a college dorm room when you have class the next day. Especially when you happen to be in one of the "scariest places on earth", Athens Ohio.)

Ok USG, there's my 2 cents worth. Do with it what you will.

I own: Jacob's Ladder, Frailty, In the Mouth of Madness, Event Horizon, Near Dark, Angel heart, Trick or Threat, Session 9, The Mist and Slither. That's how good this list is.

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