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A Time for Introductions

As with any good host, one should provide an introduction before the beginning of the festivities. I am Jedi Master Excalibur. I had a tough time deciding who I would be here at the United States of Geekdom. I have been known by many names over the years. When I first was able to go online, back about 1999, I quickly took to Roleplaying in chatrooms on MSN Chat. I had a fondness for werewolves and chose to roleplay as one. I was Sinister Grokwolf, most of the time known just as Sin. (By the way I, back then, not knowing better used other peoples pictures for my characters which is a big no no. More on that in another article though.) Then as my obsession with Star Wars took full hold, about the year 2002 I think. I changed to Zandoran Celix, who was a Jedi Master. I quickly changed that though as I found Darth Maul was one of my Favorite characters now. So Zandoran, and myself, associated as Sith known as Zandoran Celix, the Sith Lord Darth Hades.

During this time I made an email to use, ExcaliburLightsaber. I loved the fact that I combined the Legendary Sword of King Arthur and my favorite mythical weapon of Science Fiction into one.

So as I sat in Contemplation, trying to decide who I would be here, I decided that I wanted to go back and be something I always felt was Legendary. ExacliburLightsaber was still active, so I took it as my google account and thus became Jedi Master Excalibur.

Now, as to what to expect from me as an author on this blog. Well I’m a mixed bag. Jack of all Geeky trades. I’ll be writing about Cosplay, Star Wars and my love for it, Comic Books, Movies, Books/Novels, Video Games, LARP (Live Action Roleplaying), Steampunk and anything else that fits my fancy and I think a resident of Geekdom may enjoy.

Jedi Master Excalibur Out.


Some Links

Echelon Resource Databank - A website for my, now no longer used :(, Star Wars characters.

Zandorans Galactic Library - A website I built when I was really into Star Wars. It was a resource for roleplaying among my friends.

Zandoran Celix's Roleplaying Characters - My first site dedicated to roleplaying Characters.

Balthazar Griffith's - My Steampunk Persona

TS39729 Wolfenstein - My Toy Soldier I.D. (More on this later)

You are a man after my own heart! <3 I am the anime geek of USG... check out my personal blog XD It's just started, but I will be writing about many many many different things there as well as here. XD

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