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Star Wars Haiku Winners Announced

JediCole here with sincere apologies to all of our listeners and readers. And especially to everyone who participated in our first Star Wars Haiku contests. This contest was announced in advance of All-Con (back in March) and the winners were officially announced and read out loud at JediCole’s Morning After on March 20, 2011.

However, the original plan was to also read the winning Haiku on the show and follow up with posting all of the entries on this site. Needless to say two months after All-Con I have yet to get around to posting the haiku, informing the winners, and getting the prize packages together for shipping. The first two will have been seen to by the time this article went live. And of course the article itself is rectifying the last of these oversights.

Thank you to everyone who participated. The entries were all remarkable and a lot of fun to read. All of them were judged by myself and a panel of judges including USG staff and our special Star Wars authority and friend of the show Todd Carlton of All-Con. Each judge was asked to arrange their three favorite haiku in the descending order of their number one to their number three picks. Each haiku selected by any judges were awarded three points for number one, two points for number two, and one point for number three. The combined total off all points awarded to each haiku directed the final decision as to a winner in each category. The highest scoring Mace Windu and the highest scoring R2-D2 haiku were:

Mace Windu (with 13 points overall) by Ian W.
Windu, why can you
jump so high in the cartoon
but not in the film

R2-D2 (with 12 points overall) by Jacob D.
Resourceful sidekick
Always has the needed tool
Go go gadget droid

Congratulations to both of our winners! We hope you enjoy your respective prize packages.  I will be in contact with you both to arrange their shipping to your door!  Our runners up (Second and Third Place) were:

Mace Windu (with 10 and 6 points respectively)
(by Jacob D.)
Mace to the rescue
Landing on Geonosis
"This party's over!"

(by Vinnie S.)
Flew Mace Windu did
Fell out the window he has
His death, sad I am

R2-D2 (with 11 and 8 points respectively)
(by Ian W.)
Fixing computers,
breaking Imperial code;
Artoo knows I.T.

(by Vinnie S.)
Doot deet doot doot doot
Deet deet doot deet doot doot doot
:Whistle: doot doot doot?
I am astromech
Lukes behind i always save
Why he get medal?

What follows are all of the other haiku submitted. We had some great offerings this outing and I look forward to seeing what we receive the next time we have such a competition. Thank you again to everyone who participated. You really made picking favorites a tough task for all of the judges!

Mace Windu Haiku
(by Charlie W., Houston, TX)
Master Mace Windu
Betrayed by the chosen one
Now one with the force

(by Jacob D.)
Windowsill battle
Windu versus Palpatine
It's a long way down

(by Jacob D.)

Mace on a mission:
"Get these mutherkriffing Sith
Outta my senate!"

(by Ian W.)
Size, it matters not.
But it does help to be a
bad motherf***er

(no first name provided)
Vaapad beats Mando
Battle of Geonosis
Orphans Boba Fett

(by Bobby B.)
Mace Windu I See
Stand Next to Yoda you do
But too close are you

(by Charlie W.)
Shatterpoint master
Defeats Sith Lord Sidious
Anakin betrays

R2-D2 Haiku
(by Ian W.)
Star Wars might have had
an 'R' rating if Artoo's
lines were in English

(by Charlie W.)
Quirky astromech
Skywalker droid companion
Saga chronicler

(by Charlie S.)
Title- "R2-D2 Where Are You??"
Oh R2-D2
Co-pilot to master Luke
Play the right message

(By Jacob D.)
Whistle dwoo bleebeep
Bleedle breep deep whistle blatt
Chirp bleep bip blazzat

(by Jacob D.)
Heroes in trouble?
Deus ex astromech droid
Artoo saves the day

(by Charlie W., Houston, TX)
Beep, bloop, whirl, doop-oop
R2D2 where are you?
Veep-dubbeep, whistle

As an added bonus, a couple of haiku written by Mace Windu Haiku winner Ian W. that were sent along to us.  He menteioned in his email that he wrote these before he realized that the contest was not a general Star Wars contest but one specific to two characters only.  They are just to good to go unshared!

Like father, like son:

piloting and whining are
skills of Skywalker

In the saloon, Han
draws silently and fires.
Yes, George: Han shot first

Finally I would like to point out that I ran into Vinnie (who placed third in both contests, by the way) at All-Con back in March.  It was nice to meet someone who had participated in person.  Needless to say he was quite pleased to discover that his last-minute entries garnered him placement in the top three in both cases.  He submitted only one haiku in each category!

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