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Rebirth of the Collector Sector!!! In Wonderful Audio!

USG Crew,

I couldn't be more pleased to announce the return of The Collector Sector in it's audio form. The people have spoken, and they are gluttons for punishment! So expect all the snark and sneer, and unadulterated love for all things geeky on a weekly basis, coming to you again on a weekly basis, strait into your earholes. We will be covering all of our old standards; Comics, Collectables, and Movies, in an effort to prepare you to spend your cash on drop days.

We will be welcoming a new co-host to the mini-cast, in the form of Stuart Baulk. He is stepping to the plate to handle the chore of recording with us. He co-hosts his own show, Midnight Movie Cowboys , and is a long time contributor to both the United States of Geekdom, and our mini-casts.
Please help us make him feel welcome as he tries his damnedest to deal with Cole and I, a Herculean task at best.

Thanks to all of you, our confederates, for everything that you do for us. You are the reason that we do this, and it is very much appreciated. As always, any feedback is appreciated! Shoot it over to, or hit us up on Itunes.

Forever you geek

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