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Finally! Some new material on The JediCole Universe website!

JediCole here with an announcement that makes me quite happy indeed.  After quite an absence in paying attention to my own website I am pleased to announce not one but two new features that began today!  A long weekend will do that for you! 

First I have launched a series to showcase one aspect of my writing called The Apocrypha.  The first installment has gone live and a second has already been written.  I look forward to sharing even more of what comes out of the Ever-Ticking Brain in the near future.

The second new feature is Odd eBay - a collection of weird stuff I stumbled upon on eBay by random searches that struck me funny.  Whenever possible these auctions will still be active at the time the article goes live should you wish to check them out for yourself or perhaps even bid on the merchandise offered.  Like The Apocrypha, Odd eBay will be a recurring feature on my website.  Click on the two links above to see what is going on and check back from time to time to see what I come up with next!


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