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Cosplay Curosity: Earth 63 Justice League, Part 1: Roll Call

Earth-63 Justice League OR

The Genderbent Justice League of America

The residents of the Earth-63 Justice League are as follows:

Mia Ballistic: Hailey Jordan/Green Lantern

Psykitten Pow: Wendy West/Flash

Danny Lance/Black Canary

Roxanna Meta: Martha Curry/Aqualass

Littlehotshot: Olivia King/Green Arrow

Steven Meissner: Darren Starr/Power Guy

Kit Quinn: Clarissa Kent/Superma'am

Clyde Max: Dan Prince/Wonder Man

Tat Zee: Elaine O’Brian/Plastic Lass


Tallest Silver: Bernice Wayne/Batma'am

These cosplayers are wonderful and were gracious enough to allow me to actually interview them. So, I set out to learn as much as I could, from the spark of the idea, to the people chosen to portray their character, to the essence of the why, the when and the how.

Thats what this multiple part series is going to cover. All of the above from the League who are linked answered a series of questions I asked. Some are personal, and focus on the person, while the others focused just on the League its self.

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece and its been months in the making. I'm finally glad to be able to debut the first part in Introducing them by providing the roster of the League.

Part 2 will be up Next Monday, hopefully. Part 2 will also begin the official introduction to the League and their humble beginnings.


Rick here: We have featured some of Tallest Silver's videos on the site as Random Bits of Awesomeness. Her stuff is very entertaining! Thanks for the article Master Jedi. We are looking forward to more!

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