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Cosplay Curiosity: Alice Malice

As of recent years I have become a fan of Cosplay. This phenomenon is as big at a convention as the attractions people go to see.

I first learned of cosplay from watching San Diego Comic Con coverage on G4TV.

I love comic books so this, people dressing as my favorite characters, was an amazing thing to watch!

I became an active member on Facebook long after I saw the SDCC coverage, but once I did I found it was a perfect network platform to show and display what you like, to make lists, albums and connect with other fans!

And thus, I became friends with Cosplayers.

Alice Malice was one of the very first I befriended. I became an instant fan because she did Poison Ivy from Batman.

So here for your enjoyment is an interview I did with the lovely Alice Malice!

Miss Alice Malice, tell me, when did you first learn about Cosplay?

I first learned about it when I attended my first Sci Fi convention. I went in just a Xena shirt, jeans, and flip flops and realized I was not having as much fun as I COULD be. Still was a great experience.

What attracted you to it?

The interaction with complete strangers. You knew based off the Sailor Moon cosplayer that she was a fan, and you immediately have something to talk about. It's a very excellent social scene.

What was your first Costume and do you look back on it in shame or do you think you did the portrayal Justice?

My first cosplay was Alice from the first Resident Evil movie. I was really into it at the time, and the cosplay seemed easy enough. I think I did a fairly decent job for a first cosplay. But it would have looked better with a wig, and if someone had shown me how to wear makeup by that point lol. However, we did not know of the orange caps rule on the guns and...apparently security was hunting for us all day. o.o

Where was your first convention? Were you nervous when you first cosplayed?

Megacon 2002 I believe. I was incredibly nervous when I first cosplayed. The whole costume really wasn't finished until the night before, and I was so nervous of people staring at me. But I spent the entire car ride home talking about our next cosplay, I knew I was hooked then.

Do you get nervous when you go to a convention?

Not anymore. I'm completely comfortable in conventions, even if all of my cosplays are not particularly comfy.

Which of your cosplays do you think is your favorite? Which do you feel is most popular?

At the moment my favorite cosplay is Emma Frost. I'm a bit obsessed with the character so it was great to finally portray her, and I plan on doing more of her costumes and updating the one I have. But the most popular is easily my Poison Ivy, which I plan on remaking...again. XD

How do you choose which cosplay do do and which ones wait?

Budget and skill mostly. I tend to stay away from cosplays that require a lot of props, and stick mostly to sewing because I can do all of that on my own normally.

Do you have any Cosplays you have wanted to do but have found that you don't feel you'd give it the portrayal it deserves?

Eh, probably a few. But that would be mostly because of my skill level or budget. I'm not a cosplay perfectionist, by any means but I want them to look good.

Your also a model, how much does that influence your Cosplays?

It influences it a great deal. I may not make a costume 100% accurate, but I might make a few subtle changes to it that will make it flattering on my body type. And it influences my posing and makeup, certainly.

Do you have Cosplayers you admire and find they inspire you?

Oh sure! I talk to lots of the comic book cosplayers online and so many of them are delightful. If I see a cosplay of the same character I wish to do or have done it only encourages me. If this person has figured out something that I haven't, I'll ask. And normally they'll share the goods. I do the same for anyone else who asks.

What Conventions do you attend regularly? Do you have a Con you hate to miss?

Mostly I stick to central Florida cons. And I really hate to miss Megacon, that's the one that always feels like home. I missed it last year and completely regretted it, but this year it was amazing.

How do you like the attention you receive as a cosplayer? Is it mostly negative or positive?

Normally it's very positive. Most people at cons simply want to take your photo, or they'll be full of compliments. I'll get the occasional rude comment online, but I don't pay it much mind. And whenever anyone in person is rude or offensive I let them know about it.

I've heard you being referred to as Mama Ivy on several occasions, what’s the story behind that?

Lol. I am a Poison Ivy cosplayer, as previously mentioned and I know a lot of the Harley Quinn cosplayers online. At times I've settled disputes between two offending parties, and I try to keep things as drama-free as possible. I also have an opinion about everything, always, and of course I'm a bit pushy so....Momma Ivy.

And from Alice Malice to her Fans:

Thank you everyone who is such a fan of my work! You can "like" me on facebook at if you haven't seen my stuff. Feel free to keep an eye out on my articles on Geek Propaganda.


Alice Malice has become one of the Geek Force 5 over at Geek Propaganda, so check out what she has to say!

I hope you've enjoyed the first of my Cosplay Curiosity series. Keep an eye out for more Cosplay Goodness and Interviews right here.

Jedi Master Excalibur signing off.

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