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Collector Sector is Back!

Hey Everybody Rick here.

It is my distinct honor and pleasure to welcome back a much enjoyed part of the United States of Geekdom, the COLLECTOR SECTOR.  No, I am not part of the episode because I have other commitments that I am seeing to in regard to my personal life and the United States of Geekdom.  Having said that, you will find that Stu of the Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast is more than capable to cover for me in my absence.  Thank you for listening and your support.  Please be sure to visit us at and send us that feedback to

At this point I will go ahead and hand the reins over to Cole...

JediCole here welcoming everyone back to the audio version of the Collector’s Sector.  What follows was written before we wound up having to re-record the episode due to technical difficulties, but for the most part it still holds true.

 From Andrew’s original concept it seems we managed to build something that our listeners enjoy (and miss when it is gone). So I must join in with my co-hosts and let it be known how pleased we are to bring back the Collector’s Sector in its original incarnation. We welcome Stu from the Midnight Movie Cowboys as he takes up Rick’s spot for a while with his special brand of commentary on The DVD Basement. I am back with some upcoming cool collectibles on the Buy Me, Fanboy! segment, and of course Andy gives us all the details on this weeks comics with Get Yer File Right!

Since this is an audio show but we do make mention of a few things that you might want to actually see I have included a few images and links to add to your enjoyment of the Collector’s Sector.

First we have a nice image of a cover of Detective Comics with art by Jock (in case you were wondering exactly what Jock’s artwork looks like. I was personally unfamiliar with Jock, but he and his work play a big role in this week’s show.

Next you will be hearing about a few really cool Disney Star Tours exclusives in my segment. And Stu mentions a particular image in regard to one of them. Click here to see some of the Star Tours items mentioned (along with many more) and be sure to scroll down to see exactly what Stu was on about in regard to “Goofy and that guy”. Click here if you want to see even more Star Tours exclusive goodies!

If you are keen to see what the next Star Wars mail-in figure offer is all about take a peek at the post on Rebel Scum right here!

We hope you enjoy the latest episode of our mini-cast. It has been a little while so we are kind of finding our feet again. And having a lot of fun in the process. My personal thanks to my co-hosts for making the return to the Collector’s Sector such a joy!

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