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Show Me Yours - The Emerald Sickness; Part 1

Fellow Collector's,

You might know me as Andrew Farmer, mild mannered pod cast co-host and comic book gadfly. The medical community knows me by something else entirely...They say i have the emerald sickness. When initially diagnosed, i thought this was a malady exclusive to OZ, and caused rampant look at me like you don't know what that means. In actuality, the disease manifests as an insatiable desire to collect every single piece of Green Lantern memorabilia one can get his hands on.

Cole, being a dignified humanitarian, has asked me to document the evolution of my illness. I have agreed, and I figured that I would start with what I have out on "display". You will note that I used quotation when saying "display", see there i did it again. This is because I have to use that term loosely, most of the collection i have out is just kinda...there. The mass (and i mean mass) majority of the collection is packed away, and I will document them for you in later posts.

So without further diatribe...

I have a vast and disgustingly nerdy collection of the Dungeons and Dragons novels. I have amassed them over a 20 year span.

I am up to a total of 152 books. The overall goal is to collect all of them, some how. I told you I have an illness

They just keep going, I really can't stop myself. Rick got a taste of this when we went to what is both my Disney World and my mental prison....Half Price Books

Someone stop me.....Did i mention that at one point, when I think i was 17 years old, I sold all these books back to Half Price Books. I can't remember why, but I know that I sold about 60 of them. I have ended up having to not only re-buy, but re-FIND these books.

A few boxed DVD sets, and an empty Champagne bottle. Also....GLOBalls! We are still a little upset that when you eat them, they don't give you super powers, or turn you green.

Some DVD's, and my Green Lantern Power Battery. I have had it for about 5 years. Also, my Hal Jordan plushie, given to me by my wonderful girlfriend!

Here we have the special edition GL Chucks, again from the Bunny. She is too good to me. Also there is the GL Squatz. Squatz are essentially little vinyl action figures, theat are coated in a water soluble foaming saltish thing. Put them in water and it dissolves off, revealing your hero!

This is the start of the Graphic Novel / Collected Editions. I am almost as bad with these as I am the D&D novels. It makes more sense as a reader to pick these up, they store cleaner, take up less space, and can be found a ton cheaper than individual issues...These are the Marvel Books

And here we have the DC and various other publishers.

A little more of the GL collection. There is a DC Direct Boodikika Figure, an in and out of box Fisher-Price DC Superfriends Imagininest Green Lantern Jet, An Alan Scott (sent to be by one...Jedicole), a GL pint glass, a Belt Buckle, and the open GL Squatz!

The Final Picture for this post... We have a few more prestige format books (Thanks Kim!), Another Boodikika (i know it sounds odd, but if you have a record town in your area, check them for both the 3 inch DC Universe Figures, and the DC Direct Figures...i found this one for 5 bucks), and a DC Universe Green Lantern Series Manhunter figure (again thanks to my loving Girlfriend!)

That's it for now...there will be much more to come. As always, we at the USG invite you to "Show Us Yours." Just send your pics, with the stories behind them, to us and we will make sure that they get posted!

LOL You aren't even wearing your GL shoes. They're on your bookshelf displayed with action figures and the like. Hahaaa. Awesome.

Very nice. It's always cool to see someone's collection. One question? Do you have it insured???

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