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April Housekeeping: The USG Needs Your Help, Good-Bye Krystle, OMGA, USG Events

Hey everybody, Rick here with the housekeeping for April 2011.   All-Con 2011 is behind us and we are trucking along to make 2011 a great year for USG and in turn, you the listeners, fans, and confederates!

Okay, so I posted a cryptic message on Facebook about a week ago asking you, the listeners, and fans of the show for your help.  Here is what we would like.  I am not sure if this is even possible, but we of the USG would love to see a Wikipedia page about us.  The Hollywood Saloon has one. I think that based on our running joke of using Wikipedia as our reference all the time it is only appropriate to do so.  Please shoot me an e-mail at if you are interested in helping us create one. 

It is with heavy heart that I make this announcement. I know I have been making a lot of sad news announcements and hopefully this is the last one for a while.  Our Geek-Chick Krystle has been called back to the Emerald City.  She is going home back to the West Coast to help with some very important family obligations.  Having said that, she will always be the First Geek Chick.  There will never be another first Geek Chick.  Krystle has been an important part of USG both as part of the podcasts, and also behind the scenes.  She was also the star of the debut of USG TV, which will continue.  Our other Geek Chicks Loran, Shanae, and Jade will continue on in Krystle's stead here in Texas.  Krystle however will now be the official Geek Chick for USG West Coast.  More on  that soon!   Thank you for all that you do Krystle.  You will be missed.  Please feel free to drop Krystle a note on the USG Facebook page, on the Geek Chicks of the USG page, and here on the site.  I will make sure she see it! 

I have to give mad props to one Dustin Woodward, a.k.a. Darth Demens, who is a staff writer for the site and has been a guest on the show a few times. Dustin's help was invaluable at All-Con and he was there when he was needed.  Even if he wasn't needed he showed up.  Knowing that he was in the audience for the Podcaster's Summit was a great amount of help knowing that we has some actual USGers in the audience to support us.  Cole and I were trying to think up a title for Dustin.  At first Cole suggested Geek Chick but I think that Dustin deserves his own special title.  After much going back and forth, Catherine planted the seed of brilliance.  Cole came up with the title and I will now bestow on Dustin the title of One Man Geek Army, or OMGA for short. 

Dustin was everywhere in a different costume at All-Con and proceeded to even show up as Dr. Horrible for the screening while he was simultaneously co-hosting a game of Life Isn't Fair Monopoly and hanging out in the con suite beating some dude in steampunk gear at arm wrestling.  At the same time, Dustin was also found having dinner in the hotel restaurant and reinventing the wheel. All of this in different costumes.  There is nothing that the boy can't do and for that reason, he is the army of the USG.  The One Man Geek Army.

From the Desk of JediCole

Every nation needs an army, even a geeky one like the United States of Geekdom. At first glance it may seem that we have gone too long without one. The fact is that we have had one almost since the establishment of the USG. It, or more accurately he, went unrecognized in this capacity however.

And so it is with considerable pride that we bestow upon our own Dustin the official title of One Man Geek Army. He has already proved himself a dynamic force of geekdom that would easily garner him the title of One Man Geek Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.* That does not roll off the tongue that well as the anagram OMGANAFM, so OMGA it is!

Please join us in welcoming Dustin into the new title for his old role. We look forward to his continued service as our own army of one.

* The Geek National Guard title is, at his adamant insistence, the sole prevue of our own fearless leader Rick while the Geek Coast Guard, it turns out, was held jointly by the members of USG West Coast.

And finally, here is some USG event news.  We have a big summer ahead of us and because of it, we will need to do a little bit of a break on things after Episode 21 mostly because I have been cast in a show and the episodes will be out regularly after I get done rehearsing and the show opens in June.    Having said that, here is the calendar of upcoming USG events that you definitely do not want to miss!  You can find all the information for the events on Facebook.

Saturday, April 9th: Night at the Movies.  We are going to go see Your Highness followed by going to dinner at Jake's Burgers in Fort Worth.  This is also our farewell party for Krystle.

Saturday April 30th: Zombie Walk!  Not a USG event per se, but put up by our friends of the show Moxley Manor.  This is a free event and it is a lot of fun.  Expect to see at least two of us there for the walk!

Saturday May 7: USG 3!!!  We are getting together with our buddy Stu of the Midnight Movie Cowboys for dinner, a movie, and the celebration of the one year anniversary of the USG!  Please join us for this special event as it will be a lot of fun!

Saturday May 18: USG 4!!!!:  This will be an early one because the show I am in is happening later that night.    But we are getting together to go see Green Lantern and rumor has it that our own Andrew Farmer will be comign down from Ohio to hang out with us for the event! 

Saturday July 23: USG 5!!!!!: This one I am playing close to the vest for now.  I will say that we will be seeing Captain America that day for sure. 

That's all I have for housekeeping this month.  Thank you so much for reading and listening to the show!  Stay geeky! 

Not much in the way of content, but hey, it's a start.

Stupid Wikipedia, taking my USG page down...

You tried. That is what matters. I am sure there is a way around their rules. Thanks Ben!

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