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United States of Geekdom Episode 20: Hubbard Was looking for Banana Peels

Rick here and it is my pleasure to Welcome you to the United States of Geekdom, the podcast that talks about what make us geeks go tick. We are absolutely thrilled to bring you this, our 20th episode in which we talk about the works of comic book scribe Alan Mo.......

****Signal Interrupted****

Hey everybody!  JediCole here, taking over our milestone 20th episode.  Rick and Andrew are out on assignment at this time so we’ve brought in our favorite (or is that favourite) Midnight Movie Cowboys to fill their empty chairs.  Apologies to whoever had to sit in Rick’s chair, by the way.  I suspect they probably just shared Andrew’s!

Anyway as promised we have a special episode lined up devoted to the life, the work, the groundbreaking story craft of non other than England’s most shaggy comic scribe, Mr. Alan Moore.  But since my every attempt to reach the esteemed creator to be a part of the show has failed and absent Rick and Andy this episode, we will take a small departure from the scheduled “out-of-the-hat” topic.  Stu’s knowledge of facially hirsute British comic book writers was a bit limited at best and Hunter was really begging to tackle a subject that is near and dear to everyone here at the USG as well as over at the MMC.  In fact many a podcaster has taken a shot at tackling this all-encompassing subject and now it is our turn. 

I hope you enjoy our attempt to do justice to celebrating a man and a career that can truly be said to exist “Shore to Shore”!  For your April 1st listening pleasure I give you the USG 20th Episode Extravaganza!  Note: Due to the presence of those foul-mouthed podcasters, this episode may or may not have a minute smattering of “adult language”.   

Also, we promised Rick and Andrew that they could come back for Episode 21...

Click here to hear the episode!  

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