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Random Bit of Awesomeness: Incredible Hulk-a-Mania

JediCole here to help usher in the return of Random Bit of Awsomeness.  With All-Con preparations, the demands of the podcast, and the quest for the Serpent Crown (Yeah, Rick misplaced it.  AGAIN!) we have been a bit too bogged down to seek out all that is awesome and bring it randomly to you.  But fear not my geeky friends!  The long fast is over.

This morning I got to thinking about the Incredible Hulk.  Was there anything really cool out in the world of the web that might cast the Jade Giant in an awsesome light?  It turns out there was!  This clip was the first that caught my eye and seemed ideal given our continued coverage of All-Con.  What is the connection?  Why Action Figure Theatre of course!  More accurately, Action Figure Theatre - LIVE!  Yes we are taking the show on the road and producing live interactive shows of AFT on Friday and Sunday.  Anyone in the audience can join the fun!  So here is a great little sketch involving a Hulk action figure and a whole new vocation for the less-than-jolly Green Goliath! 


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