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Housekeeping for March, 2011: Some announcements for All-Con

Hey Everybody, Rick here with some announcements for our big USG appearance at All-Con this week!  I am very excited that I am not only able to return to All-Con but also that I get to share the con with some people who will be experiencing this wonderful convention for the first time ever (Krystle and Loran) and for one of our number, her first convention ever (Anime Geek)!  Having said that, I hope you have been enjoying Cole's preview coverage of the con and let me just say that his coverage does not even begin to cover the fun, the camaraderie, and the awesomeness that is All-Con.  This year is promising to be absolutely epic.  But before I get to the fun stuff...

Geeky Disaster Relief...
The recent tragedy in Japan has really gotten me thinking about a lot of things.  I really want to help but I am not sure how.  Well, it came to me the other day that the best way to help would be to appeal to our fans of the show.  I have a paypal button on the site.  I have it there in case someone wants to throw a few sheckles our way to help with production costs for the show.  I don't ask for money, I don't need to.  But the people in Japan do need our help.  If you find it in your heart to click on that donate button on the site, I will send 100% of those proceeds to the Red Cross to their disaster relief fund that they have going on to help those in Japan who really need the help. 

I will be asking for donations at All-Con during trhe trivia contests as well because the Japanese really need help right now and honestly, it is helping one of our own.  The Japanese are some of the most amazing geeks on this planet and no better proof of that is evident than with Anime, and their amazing innovations in video games, robotics, and so much more that I can't even begin to say. So please help us help our fellow geeks!   

Podcaster's Summit
Okay, here is the bad news and I know that this comes on the heels of Cole's announcement that the line up of podcasts was going to be much bigger than it is in reality.  Yes, of course, I will be there.  Also, confirmed are Hunter of the awesome Midnight Movie Cowboys and Jason, Stephen, and Laura of the fantastic Nowhere in Mulberry podcast.  We are working on getting at least one of the guys from It's All Geek to Me to be part of this awesome experiment as well.  Here is who will NOT be there.  Jim and Vijay from Film Thugs, and Andy Siems and John Jansen from Hollywood Saloon will not be able to make it this year. However, if this goes over well, I can guaran-DAMN-tee that I will be trying to get them out for this for sure.  Either way, please be sure to join us for this because this should be a really fun time!      

Dr. Horrible
Ah yes, Dr.  Horrible.  I won't tell you how long it took to get this project off the ground.  I was even ready to throw in the towel when I finally got the approval from Joss Whedon's lawyer.  The important thing is that we are approved, it is happening and it should be fun! Join us 9:00 p.m. in the Addison theater.  This is most likely the only time that we will be able to show this due to circumstances beyond our control so please join us and be ready to sing along! 

Otherwise that is all I have for now.  We are continuing on the monthly schedule for now for the main show.  The reason is because I am almost done with school (end date May 16th!) and all my focus and energy is being poured into that for the moment.  However, we have some great content coming despite all that and I truly appreciate each and every one of you listeners. You guys are all awesome and it would not be a show without you guys!  Thanks for listening and reading!  Stay Geeky!   

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