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All-Con Countdown - Zero Days!

Let the Convention Begin!

Okay, I have spent 30 days telling you all about All-Con 2011.  Twenty eight of those were expended sharing all that is cool about All-Con.  As you read this I am likely en route to the convention to co-host the All-Con Opening Rally: All-Con in 60 Minutes!  After that I will be going largely non-stop for three days straight without the benefit of Red Bull or anythng other than my own fanboy steam and being back in "convention mode".  I will still try to post a few dispatches from the show, though photos may prove difficult to provide depending on the resources at hand.  Expect extensive coverage from all of us at the United States of Geekdom as this is our year at All-Con!

This is the last time I am going to remind you what a ton of cool you will be missing if you sit this one out.  Go back and look at the previous 30 entries of my All-Con Countdown if you have not read them already.  If these various articles can't move you to make the trip to Addison (assuming it is geographically and financially feasible for you that is), then nothing in the world can convince you to experience this incredible convention.  If it is not in the cards for you this year I recommend that you seriously consider making the trip and getting in on the action in 2012.  All-Con has grown by leaps and bounds in its short seven year history and next year will prove even bigger!  I hope to see you there.

JediCole Houston
Group Captain
Games and Theory, All-Con 2011

Raconteur Emeritus, United States of Geekdom

Jedi at Large,


Hey Gang, Roy From Sassycast Here

Just wanted to let you all know you made my first year at All Con one hell of a memorable one, and I wanted to thank you all personally. In this episode of Sassycast I give you all much deserved shout outs and such for just being as awesome as you are. Hope to see you all again, if not at 2012 All Con....then much sooner.

To listen to the episode, please go here:

And if you are curious about becoming a Sasshole (listener of our show), do know I put that disclaimer before the episode on each episode for a reason LOL. However the best way to enjoy the show is to subscribe FOR FREE on either iTunes or Zune (links are on the right side of the episode's page to let you know how)

Again, tahnk you so much and looking forward to seeing you at All Con 2012!

Roy Elwood Buckingham II
Sassycast Ring Leader

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