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All-Con Countdown - Two Days!

Part 29: Geekdom United!

The United States of Geekdom is proud to be a major part of All-Con 2011. In addition to the pair of game shows outlined in the previous article we will also be out in full force with a variety of program offerings. Take a look at what the USG is bringing to your All-Con experience!  PLUG!

The Ray Project (Friday – Sunday in the Willow Room)
Check out various artists interpretations of our own mascot and even bid on your favorites in a silent auction!

Action Figure Theatre (Friday, 12 PM, Pecan Room and Sunday, 12 PM, Elm Room)
You've seen it on USG TV, now you can be a part of the show! We will be bringing along the ten-member "cast" of the First Regional Touring Company of Action Figure Theatre including show regulars Ricardo Weremano and Greaser Hulk! Think Saturday Night Live in miniature, with action figures instead of human cast, and entirely ad-libbed. By YOU! USG staff will be on hand to act out some short skits and inspire the audience to be a part of the show. Footage from Friday's edition will be shown at the USG Con Wrap-Up on Sunday morning. Footage from both editions will be shown on USG TV within a couple of weeks following All-Con weekend.

Meet the United States of Geekdom (Friday, 6 PM,Pecan Room)
The gang's all here!  You've heard us on the podcast.  You've read our work here on the website.  Now you can meet us in person in a live and interactive panel at All-Con!  See what we are really like in person.  Will we clam up when confronted with face-to-face reality, unable to hide behind the anonymity of our microphones and the internet?  Not bloodly likely I say!  If you have ever attended any of the USG Meets you know we are just as witty, irreverant, and goofy in person.  Get to know us a little better.  Ask us questions like, "What were you thinking when you elevated Red Dawn to a level of high art?", or "If Rick can be infected with a rare form of lycanthropy from a single bite by comedian/actor Ray Romano, what hope do the rest of us have?"  (Please note: These are sample questions and in no way reflect the type of questions we anticipate from our fans and listeners.  At least we hope.)

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog (Friday, 9 PM, Addison Theatre)
A labor of love on Rick's part that spanned nearly a year, the sanctioned screening of this short film was the result of nothing short of a Herculean (or Heraclean if you prefer the classic Greek over Roman) effort.  If you are at All-Con you really do need to attend this screening.  The USG will be on hand to introduce the movie and have a fun discussion with the audience afterwards.

Podcasters Summit (Saturday, 8 PM, Elm Room)
Based on a brilliant concept put forth by Andrew, the result of a lot of wrangling on the part of Rick, and written about here by me it's the Podcaster's Summit.  A meeting of the minds of the folks behind five different podcasts that have strong fan appeal.  In addition to our own and familiar Rick we will be welcoming Jim and Vijay from The Film Thugs Movie Show, Andy and John from The Hollywood Saloon, our good friend Hunter from Midnight Movie Cowboys, and Jason and Stephen from Nowhere in Mulberry!  Get your podcast fix in a big way in this incredible gathering of incredible podcasters from with diverse backgrounds and interests.

USG Con Wrap-Up (Sunday, 10 AM, Elm Room)
We bid a fond farewell to our first All-Con as the USG in an excuse to have a kind of second Meet the United States of Geekdom.  And have fun hosting another panel.  If you missed out on our first group panel this is a great second chance.  If you caught our first show this is not simply a repeat.  We will be sharing our individual experiences at All-Con, discussing plans for 2012, and having a good time generally with our fans old and new.  Plus we will have footage from the first Action Figure Theatre of the weekend! 
There you have it!  The USG will be running ourselves ragged all weekend for you, our loyal fans, and for our great friends from All-Con.  Please come see is in any or all of our programs, tell us how you found out about the show, what you love, what you hate, and just hang out with us for a while.  We can't wait to meet you!


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