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All-Con Countdown - Twelve Days!

Part 19: Homina! Homina! HOMINA!!!

Is it possible for one convention to be all things to all people?  No, I doubt it.  But All-Con does a great job of heading in that direction without becoming bogged down in making such an attempt.  They strike an ideal balance between having a little something for everyone and having too much of everything for everybody.  And speaking of "every body" (pun very much intended) one of the little things they have for those who like something a bit racey is their annual Burlesque Show!

Burlesque is the strip tease as art.  Not your "gentlemen's club" strip show, but more a sensual stage revue and a feast for the eyes.  It is an elegant stripshow of a more civilized age.  (Hey, it's JediCole, there had to be a Star Wars reference in at least one of these articles!).  The ladies of La Divina Burlesque return to All-Con for another evening of tasteful entertainment for the 18 and over crowd (I.D. Required).  Seating is extremely limited and this show has NEVER failed to sell out!  You can preorder tickets ($20) here, but bear in mind, on Febury 14 there were only 16 tickets left so it may have sold out by now. 

Note: The tickets sold do not reflect the actual number of seats available.  The $20 seats are filled before the performance is opened up to non-ticket holders.  The price of tickets covers the cost of bringing La Divina to All-Con.  All seats beyond that are filled FREE OF CHARGE but solely on a first come-first served basis.  Those in line for seats are seated as long as seating is available.  Once all seats are filled the doors are closed and the remaining line is turned away.  It is free, but not easy!


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