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All-Con Countdown - Thriteen Days!

Part 18: Keeping Anime Clean
According to one of the songs in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, “Everybody ought to have a maid!” It seems that this call has been heeded by the Anime track as the Anime Maids competition is returning again for 2011!

But what exactly is Anime Maids? It is a traveling competition of maid skills (not mad skills) that pits contestants in maid uniforms against one another in some of the typical duties of a maid. While in costume. In front of an audience. And a panel of judges. No pressure!

If you can keep your cool while cleaning up then you may have what it takes to take home a trophy. This is always a fun feature at All-Con (2011 marks the fourth year this contest has been held at this convention) and this year should be even better! If you have competed at the A-Kon or Anime Fest incarnations of this competition here is another chance to win big or defend your title. If you have never competed as a maid this is a great opportunity to get in there and clean up Anime style!

Anime-themed maids are encouraged but any kind of maid’s uniform is welcome for those wishing to participate in the competition. Friend of the show and local super-hero PurrKayla will be one of the judges. And when you have a hero on the panel you know you will get objective judging.

Note:  No sooner had I finalized this post for publication than I got an email direct from the emcee of the Anime Maids Competition!  The following is that very email as it arrived to me.  I think it will fill in any blanks in the above, but may repeat some of what I said.  I felt it best to let this post and the email below stand on their own without any editing.

The Maid Contest

What is the Maid Contest? First, what it is not. The Maid Contest is not a cosplay. There are many skilled people that put on wonderful cosplays in hundreds of conventions during the year. The Maid Contest is a contest but much more. Some really enjoy the excitment of creating a costume, the preparation to have all the parts just right yet do not want the over head of having to cosplay for several minutes infront of potentialy thousands of people. So what do you do? Get dressed up and walk the halls? We did that for years but wanted more. Was there a way to combine the elements of cosplay but not the extensive preporations people put into their presentation? On top of that reward them for their efforts?

That is how The Maid Contest came about. We provide a venue for those who love "maid culture" and want to show off their admiration for their favorite anime maids! So how does one compete in this contest?

The contest is divided into two parts. The first is made for those who want to act! You have 1 minute to provide a quick introduction of who you are. The maid is judged on his / her (yes we are crossplay friendly) speaking ablity, content and comfort speaking to the audience. The next phase is for those who want to "perform". The maid is tasked to move a four place, formal diner setting from one table to another. This requires no skill but to pick up the items and replace them in another spot. Sounds easy but it is not. It is a challenge.

This is the strength of the contest: anyone can compete. There really is no preporation, Anyone that wants to try can do it. This is why we return every year. No one feels left out and everyone has alot of fun. It is possible for a maid to win a trophey for the speaking section or the place the setting section and sometimes - a maid wins both! Each section of the contest has three places (that is a total of six trophys) and we have an award cerimony at the end!

The contest is a great way for the first timer to the convention or an old hand. We welcome all the enjoy the charm and playfulness of maids. So if you have always wanted to dress frilly, act fabulos and show everyone your dedication to the "Master", get that maid uniform on and enter The Maid Contest. We want to see you servre.

Rosebud the Maid – MC and Head Maid of “The Maid Contest”


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