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All-Con Countdown - Three Days!

Part 28: Would You Like to Play a Game?

As most probably know by now I am officially Group Captain of Games & Theory for All-Con 2011. This is my playful way of saying that I was asked by All-Con to head up the new Game Shows track for this year. A duty that I have been actively pursuing with the assistance of Mrs. JediCole.

Under the Games and Theory umbrella you will find new and returning game shows. Two are produced by the United States of Geekdom and are provided courtesy of Rick (with help during the show from Andrew, Loran, and myself) and the rest are brought to you by Fandom at Random/Half-Ass Productions (my personal banner). Below is a list of game shows that will be featured over the course of the weekend offering trophies or cool prizes to their winners!

Special Announcement From Games and Theory: Bye, Bye Bell!
The face of the future.
A thing of the past.
When it comes to fan-produced programming, low budgets are the order of the day.  And low budget means low-tech.  Case in point - the means by which contestants have "rung in" to answer questions at All-Con game shows produced by myself (as Half-Ass Productions) or Rick (as Amazing Comicast) in recent years.  The solution has been desktop clapper bells.  Unfortunately all clapper bells sound, well, pretty much alike so it always came down to a line call to determine who rang in first.  And in the heat of a game show it was not always easy to make such a determination with any accuracy.  Great news!  Thanks to the generosity of our friends at All-Con and my new status as a Department Head, the Games and Theory department is proud to announce an actual electronic means for contestants to ring in accurately!  I stumbled upon the Eggspert System, an educator's tool designed for teachers to give game show-style quizes to their students.  Accomodating up to six contestants, the Eggspert has an electronic closeout circuit to light up only the light corresponding to the quickest contestant as well as a countdown clock mechanism to limit the time a contestant thinks about thier answer.  So say goodbye to the bells!  All-Con 2011 game shows are going 20th Century!

USG Game Shows:
Contestants enjoy the show's racontuer.
Comic Book Trivia Challenge - Originally produced by Amazing Comicast, this challenging game show for the truly knowledgeable comic fan returns under the USG flag.  From the old school DC and Marvel comics to newer players like Devil's Due, comics of all kinds may be the subject of the trivia questions put forth in this show.  Contestant selection is done by an elemination pre-show quiz of hopefuls.
Saturday, March 19, 12:00 PM, Elm Room
Host: Rick Gutierrez
Contestants: Four
Prizes for First through Fourth Place will be awarded.  The actual prizes will be revealed before the show.

Ultimate Geek Challenge - Another returning Comicast favorite, this game show tests your knowledge of a much broader range of topics of geek interest.  Movies, television, science fiction, fantasy, and all of the things that drive the United States of Geekdom are in the mix.  Contestant selection is done by an elemination pre-show quiz of hopefuls.
Friday, March 18, 7:00 PM, Pecan Room
Host: Rick Gutirrez

Prizes for First through Fourth Place will be awarded. The actual prizes will be revealed before the show.

F@R/Half-Ass Productions Game Shows:
Expect the unexpected.
A.D.D. The Game - We are not saying what it is.  We are not saying what it isn't.  In fact we are not saying a thing about this game at all.  You will just have to show up to find out for yourself.  What we will say is that there are four contestants, only one of whom will walk away as the game champion.  The other three will walk away too, but they will not be champion.  So if it is not too distracting for you, you should drop in and see the show and maybe be a contestant or..something.   Look!  An aardvark!
Saturday, March 19, 5:00 PM, Pecan Room
Sunday, March 20, 1:00 PM, Pecan Room
Host: Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" Houston
Contestants: Four
Prize: Something cool you can proudly display for friends and family or whatever.

Who will lose their Geek Card?
Don't Lose Your Geek Card - This game show made its All-Con debut last year as the desperation move replacement for Geek Match Game.  Three contestants are issued three Geek Cards each.  For every wrong answer they lose a Geek Card.  Lose all three and you are out of the game! 
Sunday, March 20, 11:00 AM, Pecan Room
Host: "JediCole" Houston
Contestants: Three
Prize: Winning contestants' choice of a Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man, R2-D2, or Raiders of the Lost Ark Idol vinyl bank

Fandom at Random Password - Our geeky take on Password using names and words familiar to fans of television, movies, and comics.  Members of the United States of Geekdom podcast or some of our artist friends will take on the celbrity guest roles to give and receive clues in this game.  Participants to be announced.
Friday, March 18, 3:00 PM, Pecan Room
Host: Long Le
Contestants: Two
Prize: Winning contestant's choice of a Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man, R2-D2, Raiders of the Lost Ark Idol vinyl bank, or Star Trek (Movie) Enterprise toy

Larry Hamma made this artist's weekend in 2010
Finish It! Finish It! - Not so much a game show as an audience participation show, it is still being presented under the Games and Theory banner.  Introduced last year at All-Con, this show was also produced at the Texas Comic Con (July 2010) and the Dallas Webcomic Expo (August 2010).  And now it is back home again.  Three talented artists are paired with participants from the audience.  During the first half of the show participants draw whatever they want (within reason) while the artists engage in Q&A with the audience.  During the second half our artists ink, embelish, and "finish" the artwork.  The audience are encouraged to get up and watch the process of going from pencils to inked work.  Inkers are most assuredly not "tracers" as this show illustrates.  And our three lucky participants get to keep the finished art!
Friday, March 18, 5:00 PM, Pecan Room
Host: JediCole Houston
Participants: Three
Prize: The finished art

JediCole's Prize Pile 2011
JediCole’s Prize Pile - If you think you have what it takes to get your hands on JediCole's stuff then this is the game show for you!  A massive "pile" of really cool prizes (ranging from a Nerf Hammer of Thor to a $20 Best Buy gift card) are up for grabs for one lucky contestant.  That is IF said contestant can beat JediCole at his own game!  During the first round JediCole is the host and asks the questions, eliminating one of the contestants based on their score.  For the second and third rounds Andrew takes on the reigns and Cole becomes just another contestant, facing off against the remaining two.  During this and the final round he has no foreknowledge of the questions to be asked.  The last contestant standing then faces Cole in a 10-question, 60-second final round to determine who keeps the prizes!  If JediCole wins the contents of the prize pile will be added to the prizes given away at all remaining Fandom at Random/Half-Ass and USG game shows during the weekend, so all prizes will be given to someone.  The departing final contestant does get one of the prizes for making it that far, just not the whole pile.
Saturday, March 19, 11:00 AM, Dogwood Room
Host: JediCole Houston, Andrew Farmer
Contestants: Three
Prize: The Prize Pile (Including but not limited to: Life-size Fone Bone plush toy, Alex Ross JLA Oversize 22" x 58" Poster, Nerf Hammer of Thor, Interactive Yoda (Furby tech), DC Direct Comedian 1/6 Scale Action Figure, Red Shirt (Star Trek) Cologne, $20 Best Buy Gift Card (not pictured), Marvels Trade Paperback, HorrorClix CMG Starer Kit, Star Wars Starships & Vehicles Magazine/Miniature #36 Royal Starship, Hot Wheels Batmobile, Life Isn't Fair Monopoly Conversion Kit and two Star Wars Real Mask Collection Magnets.  The entire Prize Pile has a $400 retail value!)

Screen Time - A different kind of movie trivia contest.  Screen Time not only tests your knowledge of movies but also movie lines and dialogue!  A must for real movie buffs.
Friday, March 18, 8:00 PM, Pecan Room
Host: Catherine "Mrs. JediCole" Houston
Contestants: Three
Prize: Screen Time 2011 Trophy

Another Fine Half-Ass Production


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