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All-Con Countdown - Seven Days!

Part 24: What to Wear? What to Wear?, Part II

Can’t get enough costuming? If you did not get your fill with the Cosplay Competition on Friday (8 PM – 10 PM, Oak Ballroom) and the annual Costume Contest on Saturday (7 PM – 9 PM, Oak Ballroom) there is one last exhibition of costuming (and, in this case, daring do) available on Sunday! Super-Hero Sunday that is!

All-Con 2006 was originally scheduled to be the locale for the Dallas Casting Call for Who Wants to Be a Super-Hero. The producers changed their minds and the venue so All-Con rallied and created Super-Hero Sunday as a replacement feature. Part costume contest, part talent show it has been a staple of the convention weekend ever since!

Super-Hero Sunday is a competition open to all comers of every age. Costumes are important but not the only criteria upon which contestants are judged. There is a short questionnaire which all contestants fill out that gives some background on their character, powers, abilities, arch enemies, and more. This allows the judges to get to know each character as a character, not just someone in a costume.

And speaking of characters, all are welcome. From excellent costume renditions of favorite comic book, movie, or television characters to original creations. In fact the original characters are always welcome as they show the true creativity of the contestant and are a lot of fun for the audience and the judges alike.

In 2009 I was asked to sit as one of the judges of Super-Hero Sunday. The following year our prior podcast, Amazing Comicast, were asked to judge and I was offered the chance to emcee. Unable to attend due to other obligations I called in my good friend The Mighty Placeholder who will be returning as emcee in 2011! And this time he is bringing the Ultimate Super Geeks as judges. For the first time ever SHS contestants will be judged by their peers. Heroes and villains!

Which brings me to one important point about the contestants. Though it is called Super-Hero Sunday, super-villains of every description are also most welcome. Last year we had a great mix of heroes and villains taking the stage. But everything was under control despite the oil and water relationship of these two super-camps because we had a truly super super-hero on hand wrangling the competitors, none other than Super-Hero Sunday 2009 Champion Purr-Kayla!

Super-Hero Sunday
Sunday, March 20, 2011
3 PM – 5 PM
Chinaberry Room


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