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All-Con Countdown - One Day!

Part 30: Be There or Be Square!

JediCole here reminding you that the USG want to see you at All-Con 2011. I’ve spent a month telling you why it is so cool. So there really is no reason not to attend. If you are still in need of more information check out All-Con’s website and browse the various features. If you want to see the schedule for the weekend click here.

In addition to all that I have covered in the All-Con Countdown thus far there is also the return of Bust That Talking Piñata (a.k.a. the Return of Squatty McManly)! In 2006 All-Con had a talking Leprechaun piñata on hand for folks to try to break open with a stick designed and painted to resemble a Jedi lightsaber. Every time he got hit he would hurl pre-recorded insults at the players. That is until someone broke him open at last and his gold-coin chocolate treasure spilled out. Well you can’t keep a good Leprechaun down so ol’ Squatty is back for 2011 after a several year absence from the festivities!

Also be on the watch for Random Acts of Postering presented by the United States of Geekdom! At any point, at any place in the hotel where All-Con is going on, a member of the USG cast or staff may just walk up and hand you a free movie poster of some kind. The poster give-aways are as random as the poster selections. Thanks to our great friend of the show Dustin and JediCole’s own periodic collecting of such posters we have a LOT of posters to distribute all weekend long. Will you get a poster? Who knows? It is entirely random!

Do you like you some Bruce Campbell? Who doesn’t, really? Since we know how much everyone loves Bruce we thought the My Name is Bruce Action Figure set would make an ideal raffle prize at the end of the All-Con weekend. At the end of every United States of Geekdom and Fandom at Random/Half-Ass Productions event at All-Con raffle tickets will be handed out to those in attendance. Sometimes there will be door prizes, but ticket holders who do not win these prizes are encouraged to hold onto their tickets until Sunday when we have a drawing for our Weekend Door Prize, the aforementioned action figure of the beloved Mr. Campbell! A $75.00 value! The drawing will be held just before we convene to host and judge Super-Hero Sunday. The winning ticket holder must be present to win this great prize.

The Taste of Hospitality
Another popular feature of All-Con has always been their Hospitality Suite. After a long day of convention-going it is nice to go somplace where you can relax in comfy furniture, watch All-Con TV, grab a drink and a snack (free of charge, though food and drink can only be enjoyed inside the Con Suite room), and talk with your friends or join in the conversations with the folks that wander in and out through the course of the day. It is the go-to spot between shows, features, panels, movies, and other events that may have attracted your attention. Donations to the "Kitty" are always welcome and encouraged but by no means required. The Hospitality Suite is there for all badge-holders attending the show.

So there you have it! Over 150 things to do and see over the course of a mere three days with more being added all the time (see my previous posts in this series for details). Where else can you hang out with your friends from the United States of Geekdom, take in or be a contestant of a gamshow (or three), see costumes of every description, meet artists, actors, authors, and singers, watch two different movie shadowcasts, see roller derby girls, clowns, and performers, enjoy movie screenings, sing karaoke, and even have a chance to be a part of the show? All this and have a chance to make some great new friends! I can't imagine such a place so I have to say yet again, when it comes to All-Con 2011: Be there or be square!

Did I mention the Room Parties on Saturday night?

And JediCole's Morning After on Sunday morning?  PLUG!


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