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All-Con Countdown - Five Days!

Part 26: It’s Not a Sweatshop, It’s a Workshop, Part II

Costuming is not the only thing you can learn about in a fun and lively environment at All-Con.  There are a variety of workshops on topics of interest where you can pick up some great pointers from people in the know.  I have provided a list, by day, of such panels that have been announced so far.  One of the real strengths of All-Con is that their workshops (and indeed most of their content) is provided by the fan community.  Ordinary people who want to share their skills and passions with all of us. 

Friday, March 18:
Photography: Mini Props Improv (3 PM, Elm Room)
Increasing Realism in Character Acting (3 PM, Dogwood Room)
How to Write Horror (4 PM, Maple Room)
Mini Comic Creation Lab (6 PM, Maple Room)*
Ball Jointed Dolls/Asian Dolls: An Introduction (8 PM, Maple Room)
Ball Jointed Dolls/Asian Dolls: In Scale Props and Accessories (9 PM, Maple Room)

Saturday, March 19:
Fight Coreography (10 PM, Chinaberry Room)
Hitting Yourself Stylishly in the Head...With Poi! - Poi Spinning (11 AM, Elm Room)
Para Para 101 (12 PM, Pecan Room)
Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) How-To (1 PM, Maple Room)
Making Visual Novels (2 PM, Pecan Room)
Poi Spinning 201 (2 PM, Dogwood Room)
Hoop Dance Basics (3 PM, Elm Room)
Zen For Clowns - Contact Juggling/Object Manipulation (5 PM, Dogwood Room)
Flagging: Learn to Spin Fabric (5 PM, Dogwood Room)
Ball Jointed Dolls/Asian Dolls: Swap/Trade (6 PM, Maple Room)
Ball Jointed Dolls/Asian Dolls: Modding and Customizing (8 PM, Pecan Room)
Ball Jointed Dolls/Asian Dolls: Photography (10 PM, Pecan Room)
Sunday, March 20:
How to Create Comic Books (12 PM, Pecan Room)
It's My Party and I'll Fly if I Want To (2 PM, Addison Theatre)

Before I close this latest chapter of the Countdown I want to give recognition to one of the aforementioned workshops that really needs more coverage.  That is the Mini-Comic Creation Lab.  For one thing it is an incredibly cool and often overlooked feature at All-Con.  And for another it is hosted again this year by our own friend Frank Anderson, Jr.!  You just don't want to miss this folks!  Mrs. JediCole and I got to participate last year and it was a whole lot of fun.

Here is how this works...Frank will be providing paper, pencils, and inking pens for everyone's use during the panel.  A topic for the comic to be produced is discussed (2010's was When Candy Attacks) and settled upon.  Then everyone draws a picture or a comic strip or anything they wish within the theme. You don't have to be a great artist, you just have to want to have fun and spend an hour or two being really creative.  Once everyone's drawings are penciled and inked Frank will collect them all and compile them into the official All-Con 2011 Mini-Comic which will be available FREE the next day!  Be a part of an ongoing All-Con tradition and show off your particular talents, sense of humor, and sense of fun!


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