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All-Con Countdown - Fifteen Days!

Part 16: The Sound of Music, the Sight of Performance

Live music and live performances are very much a part of your All-Con experience.  From concerts to stage productions to live demonstrations, you can find a little bit of everything in this category.  2011 is chock full of great programming along these lines.  Listed below are the music or performance offerings for this year.  For full descriptions of each visit the alphabetical listing of All-Con Panels, Workshops, and Demonstrations if you want more details on what each of these attractions will provide.

Friday, March 18
All-Con Opening Rally - All-Con in 60 Minutes (10 AM, Oak Ballroom)
Action Figure Theatre (12 PM, Pecan Room)
Carnival Epsilon Steampunk Sideshow (2 PM, Chinaberry Room)
Imperial Gladiators (5 PM, Oak Ballroom)
SCA Fighting Demo (6 PM, Chinaberry Room)
Roller Derby - Full Contact (7 PM, Chinaberry Room)
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (9 PM, Addison Theatre)
MIQ Concert (10 PM, Whispers Nightclub)
Rocky Horror Picture Show Full Shadowcast (11 PM Preshow, 12 AM Screening, Oak Ballroom) 

Saturday, March 19
24-Hour Endurance 1,000 Anime Song Medley Festival (1 PM, Addison Theatre)
Roller Derby - Full Contact (3 PM, Oak Ballroom)
Damsels of Dorkington - "A Midsummer Night's Scream on Elm Street 13" (3 PM, Chinaberry Room)
URIZEN Performance (4 PM, Oak Ballroom)
Costume Contest (7 PM, Oak Ballroom)
SCA Fighting Demonstration (7 PM, Chinaberry Room)
Burlesque Performance (10 PM, Oak Ballroom)
Damsels of Dorkington Performance (11 PM, Chinaberry Room)
Repo: The Genetic Opera (11 PM Preshow, 12 AM Screening, Whispers Nightclub)
Last Call With Lance Sanchez (12 AM, Pecan Room)

Sunday, March 20
JediCole's Morning After (9 AM, Elm Room)
Carnival Epsilon Steampunk Side Show (10 AM, Chinaberry Room)
Action Figure Theatre (12 PM, Elm Room)
Roller Derby - Full Contact (1 PM, Oak Ballroom)
Super-Hero Sunday (3 PM, Chinaberry Room)
2011 Closing Ceremonies (5 PM, Chinaberry Room)


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