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All-Con Countdown - Eight Days

Part 23: What to Wear? What to Wear?, Part I

Since their humble beginning in 2005 there has always been a Costume Contest at All-Con. And I have attended all except the 2007 incarnation. In fact with that notable exception I have not only attended all of these showcases of costuming talent, I have had the incomparable honor of being asked to sit as a judge every year. Often with little to no advance notice, but I would never complain about being such an intimate part of the show!

In those years I have seen a comic book heroes, anime and manga characters, movie heroes and villains, and original creations. I have seen Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and other television icons represented in costume. Imperials, Jedi, Rebels, and other denizens of the Star Wars universe have taken their walk across the All-Con stage. I’ve seen Vultan the Hawkman, a variety of Jokers, heroes from Batman to Iron Man, Spartans (both Halo and 300), and even Jesus! Video games, literature, movies, television, folklore, and the vivid imaginations of some incredible costumers have been the inspirations for the characters that came to life during each of these contests. Even the Statue of Liberty was seen back in 2006!

Needless to say I can’t wait to see what surprises await me as I join my fellow judges in one of the most fulfilling and entertaining aspects of my personal All-Con experience. But I have to actually do a little work! You, however, should attend to see these incredible costumes for yourself. Without having to write a single thing! Just sit back and enjoy the show. A steady stream of incredible costumes will be showcased that show off some incredible talent and creativity. You will see characters both familiar and new and spend two hours immersed in a collision of genres.

If I have piqued your interest then you need to bear one thing in mind if you wish to attend. The massive ballroom in which the contest is staged fills up FAST! I cannot stress enough that the best seats fill up incredibly early and this contest always plays to a standing room only crowd. Show up about an hour early for the best seats and photo opportunities. Of course I will have the best seat in the house, so I recommend that you do your best to get some of the next best ones if you can.

All-Con Costume Contest
Saturday, March 19
7 PM – 9 PM
Oak Ballroom

Aaron Douglas, Dan, and All-Con fixture JediCole juging in 2009


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