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Random Bit of Awesomeness: Pure Disney Magic

Hey Everybody Rick here.  I know that some of you have never been to the Disney parks in California.  Well, for those not familiar with them, there is one show at Disney's California Adventure that is truly spectacular.  It is called World of Color and I gotta say, having seen it from one angle that showed nothing but the effects from the side was nothing compared to seeing it full on from the front.  This is Disney magic at its absolute best.  I am blown away by how they did this and this is showmanship at its absolute best.  I will be posting more Disney stuff throughout the months as I build to.....well.....that's a surprise.  Anyway, this thing runs about a half hour but you get to see the show in its entirely without having to brave the crowds and there are some pretty incredible sequences throughout.  Especially the Pirates sequence and the bit with Tron.  Having said that, there is nothing quite like this in the world than seeing it live and in person but at least this gives you an idea of what you would be seeing.  Enjoy!


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