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All-Con Countdown - Twenty Three Days!

Part 8: Holy Great Exhibition, Batman!

All-Con has always had an Exhibitor Hall that is rich with artists and other exhibitors of all kinds selling their wares, recruiting for clubs, or just showcasing what they love. And 2011 will see this hall full to overflowing with participants! A list of exhibitors follows, but I wanted to showcase a few who are also good friends of the show.

Chris Fulton – A young artist Mrs. JediCole and I have known for over a decade and watched grow as an artist. Chris participated in a self-published anthology mini-comic effort in 2000 (Genre) illustrating the first installment of The Horror Show. Since then he has honed his skills and made more convention appearances selling his art and creating original works than I can even count! Be sure to say hello to Chris and tell him his table is a “logjam”. He will know who you’ve been talking to. (Chris is also a Finish It! Finish It! and Ray Project participant.)

Michael Champion – Seemingly inseparable from Chris, Michael is also a convention regular and an accomplished artist in his own right. Michael joined us for the first (and second) incarnations of Finish It! Finish It! at All-Con 2010 and is also a Ray Project artist.

Bobby Blakey – Creator of the webcomic Last Stop, Bobby has been something of a fixture at local conventions for years. You might know him best as “the artist who draws all of those egg-shaped characters”. He is the Eggman! Bobby joined the fun at Finish It! Finish It! last year and is also one of the partners in the upcoming webcomic convention Strip! in August of this year. He is also a Ray Project artist.

Yak’s Pub – The brainchild of Scott Horne, Yak’s Pub is a photo webcomic that features a vintage Kenner Yak Face action figure as the owner of a Star Wars universe tavern that welcomes all comers, regardless of their “Episode” pedigree. His comics have been providing a humorous look at the characters of Star Wars for ages and continue to this day. (Scott also managed to get himself in on the Ray Project, despite snubbing me as a guest in last year’s JediCole’s Morning After!)

Other great All-Con 2011 Exhibitors:
Candy on a Plane
Dallas Fort Worth Costumer’s Guild
DFW Fan Force
Dusk Comics
Fighting 501st Star Garrison Imperial Costuming
It's Geek to Me (Podcast)
Joe Singleton (Ad Astra)
Kira Kira Maid & Host Club
Kit Liveley
Laura Garabedian
Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club
Michael Moreno
Mu Epsilon Kappa
Neither Noir
Ronni Katz (Doll Clothing)
Scarborough Renaissance Festival
Scuttlebutt Ink
Taffeta Darling
Twit Publishing

Exhibitor Hall Hours:
Friday, March 18 - 11 AM to 7 PM
Saturday, March 19 - 10 AM to 7 PM
Sunday, March 20 - 10 AM to 4 PM


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