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All-Con Countdown - Twenty Six Days!

Part 5: That’s How JediCole Likes It!

Star Wars is what I geek out on the most.  I am JediCole after all.  Luckily Star Wars is also a big deal for a lot of the staff and a great many attendees of All-Con.  Do you like the "Star Wars"?  Well you are gonna love All-Con 2011!  From the first incarnation in 2005 straight through to this year's show, Star Wars has been a part of the overall All-Con experience.  The very first Ms. Star Wars pageant was held at the very first All-Con!  So what can you expect this convention to do to bring that Galaxy Far, Far Away closer to home?
Orli Shoshan - Shaak Ti in Star Wars Episodes II and III.

Panels and Workshops:
501st Photos - Photo op with a ton of Stormtroopers and other Imperial soldiers and officers.
JediCole's Morning After - My returnign Sunday morning talk show always with Star Wars content.
Ms. Star Wars Pageant - Compete for the title of Ms. Star Wars in the show's 7th year!
Photography: Miniature Prop Improv - I include this because it is presented by no less authority on the subject than Yak's Pub's own Scott Horne.  So you can pretty much count on there being a lot of Star Wars action figures being utilized in the panel demos.

Special Feature:
Droid Hunt - The 501st Legion will again be conducting their Droid Hunt at All-Con on Saturday, March 19th only.  Attendees can join in the hunt as "Rebel Sympathizers" by taking on a free Droid Hunt badge (feauring one of the many iconic droids of the Star Wars Universe) to be worn behind their All-Con Badge for the duration of the day.  Should an Imperial Stormtrooper or other soldier or officer approach a badge holder they must surrender thier badge as "one of the droids we're looking for" to the Imperial.  Some random participants will be given "Jedi Mind Trick" badges that allow them to foil the Imperials one time and keep their droid a little longer.  However, the Empire is not all bad.  When you hand over your droid you receive a raffle ticket for a great Imperial prize drawing later that day.   So get in on the action and show those pesky Rebels that might does indeed make right by supporting your local Star Garrison in this fun interactive feature of All-Con 2011!

Clubs and Exhibitors:
DFW Fan Force
The Fighting 501st Star Garrison Imperial Costuming
Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club
Yak's Pub


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