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All-Con Countdown - Twenty Seven Days!

Part 4: Guess Who's Coming to All-Con

Celebrity guests are a staple of conventions of any kind and All-Con brings some of the best.  I say this because All-Con seeks guests who not only have fan appeal but who are also very much in touch with the importance of their fan base.  Unlike other conventions where you can enjoy the guests from afar during Q&A sessions, get a moment in their presense while they sign an autograph, or spend five seconds by their side for a paid photo op, the All-Con guests actually interact with convention goers!  You will find these celebs walking the convention floor, meeting the fans, and talking one on one.  You will see more interactive than average panels discussions, and even fun programs put on by the stars themselves!  Check out the celebrity line-up for 2011:

Orli Shoshan
Star Wars fans like me know her as the Jedi Master Shaak Ti.  She has also had a successful modeling career.  Ms. Shoshan will be at All-Con on Saturday and Sunday only.

Richard Hatch
Best known in the fandom community as Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica, Hatch embraced the series wholeheartedly and spearheaded a campaign for many years to bring it back to television in a new incarnation.  He has also appeared in the contemporary Galactica series and was the author of novels based on the original series characters.

Anne Lockhart
Daughter of Lost in Space's June Lockhart, she is another Battlestar Galactica vetran having played Sheba in the original series.  She is also a returning All-Con guest (appearing first at All-Con 2009). 

Neil Kaplan
Known more from his voice than by his face, Mr. Kaplan has breathed life into the cold, inorganic frame of Optimus Prime in The Transformers cartoon series.  He will also be offering to record show bumpers, answering machine messages, and other such recordings for a fee with proceeds benefitting Audio Theatre for Our Troops

James O'Barr
The acclaimed artist/author/creator of The Crow.  Mr. O'Barr is another returning All-Con guest and fan favorite. 


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