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All-Con Countdown - Thirty Days!

JediCole here with the first in an ongoing series on our favorite convention, All-Con! As you probably know by now the USG will be at All-Con in full force all weekend long. We are hosting two game shows, two live productions of Action Figure Theatre, two live panel shows with the entire cast, and the incomparable Podcasters Summit! And then of course I will be further running myself ragged as Group Captain of the new Games and Theory (Game Shows) track.

Of course our presence at All-Con is something we have discussed at length over the past few months, but there is certainly so much more to this convention than just the USG. As today marks the 30 days out point I felt it would be appropriate to spend the month providing an in-depth introduction to all things All-Con. For those who have attended in the past this will give you some insight into everything that is new and everything that will be returning this year. For those who have never attended it is my hope that this will inspire you to join us for what I consider the best three days you can spend immersed in fandom in the state of Texas! Let the 30 Days of All-Con begin!

All-Con Countdown Part 1: Getting to Know You
For this initial installment I wanted introduce the show to those not already in the know. “What exactly is All-Con?”, is a question I am often asked. Given my long association with the convention (all seven years of its existence in one capacity or another) it have often been perceived as one of the show’s owners/producers. While I am not I do have a greater than average knowledge of what All-con has to offer and how it differs from other conventions in this area.

Most conventions that are held in this part of Texas have a specific target audience (anime, horror, etc.). The Dallas Comic Con and Sci-Fi Expos held several times annually tend to have a more universal fan appeal but offer only limited content. What I call a “dealer room with a show attached”, they generally feature only hourly programming like panel discussions and Q&A sessions. All-Con is more a “show with a dealer room attached”. While they do have the requisite dealer room (which has been expanded for 2011), they also provide so much more for your admission money. Three days with more programming than you can shake a stick at. And certainly far more programming than one person can attend as in any given hour of the day there are as many as eight programming tracks running simultaneously!

All-Con is, to me, what a convention should be. A little something for everyone with so much going on that you literally have to pick and choose what you will do during the course of the weekend. And I highly recommend that you attend the entire weekend! As you will see over the next 29 days, there is a lot to enjoy almost non-stop. This installment is intended to whet your appetite. Those that follow will showcase a different aspect of the show. Some may appeal to you, some may not. But bear in mind that there are usually four or five other things going on at the show at the same time.

On Friday morning All-Con in 60 Minutes, a kind of “preview revue”, will be held to introduce the celebrity guests as well as much of the programming for the weekend. I will be co-hosting this event with All-Con’s own Todd Carlton (a major friend of the show) as well as staging a mini game show, Pop Quiz. The audience will be treated to the first performances of musical and performance guests (MIQ, URIZEN, and the Damsels of Dorkington), samples of cosplay and costuming, information on the Anime Maids competition, the Art Show, Super-Hero Sunday, and Ms. Star Wars. A brief version of the Imperial Olympics and a short performance by Carnival Epsilon will also be staged.

In closing, a little information you will need to “know before you go”:

All-Con 2011 – March 18-20, 2011

Admission: (Click here to link to All-Con's Tickets & Registration page.)
Adults $40.00 (Three Day Access Badge)
Children: $20.00 (Three Day Access Badge)

Crowne Plaza Hotel14315 Midway Road
Addison, TX 75001
Special Convention Room Rate - $88.00/night. (This rate valid only through February 25, 2011. After that date the standard rate of $129.00/night applies.) Use Group Booking Code LVN to take advantage of this rate.

Optional Add-Ons:
Anison Unison Six-Decade Samurai Anime Karaoke Contest Entry Fee -$8.00
Burlesque Performance (18 and older only, limited seating) - $20.00

2011 Logo Coffe Mugs and Convention T-Shirts are also available.

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