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JediCole Joins the Midnight Movie Cowboys for Episode 5!

With the recent release of the third Robot Chicken Star Wars on Cartoon Network and Fox's video release of It's a Trap!, the third installment of Family Guy's send-ups of the original Star Wars trilogy this has been a great end to the year for JediCole.  But even before either of these momentous events occurred something else quite wonderful happened...

With a moniker like JediCole I was bound to be asked to be a guest on the Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast when their Star Wars episode rolled around.  And though it was bound to happen it was no less an honor to join those great movie experts Stu and Hunter for a rousing discussion of all things Star Wars.  Not just the films themselves but also their impact in America and around the world. 

After several days of preliminary discussions with one or both of these intrepid podcasters I was treated to their online hospitality for a recording session that exceeded five hours!  And had it been twice that long we still would not have run out of things to talk about!  The Midnight Movie Cowboys were most gracious hosts and let me run free in my area of expertise all over their show.  If you want to hear me at my enthusiastic best be sure to tune in Episode 5 of their show, it promises to be quite enlightening and a whole lot of fun for Star Wars fans from the casual to the fanatic.  I can't thank Hunter and Stu enough for letting me join the fun!

And please be sure to post your thoughts on the show here as well as on their site.  We podcasters thrive on the feedback we get from out listeners.  May the Force be with you!


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