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January Housekeeping for 2011!!

Hey everybody Rick here with the housekeeping for January 2011!

If you read the Facebook wall for USG, you may have noticed that three events have gone up.  These three events all share something in common.  They are all based around the three big super hero movies of this summer!  The first one, will be for Thor.  The second event will be for Green Lantern.  The third event is looking to be for Captain least for the moment.  I will explain everything below.

Okay, so the reason I am doing three events back to back like this is for three reasons.  First, this is our attempt to create awareness for U.S.G.  I want 2011 to be a huge year for us, and have us grow in every way possible.  Especially our fans.  I want nothing more than to hit 800 fans on Facebook.  This might be a little ambitious but I am going for the moon here.  The second reason is that these three movies have the potential to be so geeky awesome in magnitude that it would be a damn shame to not see these movies with such awesome geeks as our fans and listeners.  The reason why Captain America is tentative at this time, is because I am due to graduate in July and thusly, I might change the date (but not the movie, unless it's Cowboys and Aliens) to reflect this.  The final reason is because the one movie that I am considering for our post summer event is THE MUPPETS.  And that comes out in November, right around Thanksgiving.  That being the case, we have no guarantee that there will be a big group of us there because of the holiday.

What else? Oh yes!  All-Con is just around the corner and U.S.G will be a MAJOR presence there!  From game shows, to our (potentially) historic podcasting panel, Superhero Sunday, and Dr. Horrible...

Wait....what? Dr. Horrible?!?

I suppose it is time to fess up, and lay out my card on the table as it were.    Last year, follow All-Con, Andy ended up staying over at the homestead and I out on Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog for him because he had never seen it.  We watched it, and he had the brilliant idea to bring Dr. Horrible to All-Con this year.  Well, for the past ten months, I have been fighting an uphill battle trying to get the rights and permission to show this wonderful web movie at All-Con.  It still may happen.  I just have to secure the permission to do so.  With my voice being out of commission as it is however, this might take some time.  At this point it is a HUGE maybe.  But if it happens, we will definitely be making the announcements and hyping up this event as much as possible.

Otherwise, I think that is it for this edition of housekeeping.  We have a huge year planned for U.S.G. and we can't wait to share all the awesome stuff that we have in store for you fans and listeners!

I am super-excited about All-con and the upcoming USG events. I hope I can make at least a couple of them.

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