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Fujoshiness 1.2: Review of Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0

Good Afternoon Geeksters,
This is your Anime Geek bringing you REVIEWS!!! I just had an epic weekend of Fujoshiness at the Harkins Theater in Southlake. They actually showed 2 anime movies in the theater. Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0. I just about FREAKED out when I found this out!

When I walked into the theater the first thing I noticed was the fact that I was the only female there. Absolutely the ONLY female. I busted out laughing when I saw that and caused everyone in the theater to look at me and then stared at me. Awkward silence to follow, with everyone watching me find my seat.

The 1st movie, Evangelion 1.0, then began. I about jumped out of my chair in excitement at the fact that this movie theater actually showed this movie in JAPANESE with english subtitles. One of my pet peeves is to watch a Japanese Anime with English voice over. Ugh, so puts me off. The movie is about the earth being attacked by Angels from outerspace. They attack and cause great devastation. There are 10. The movie begins showing the earth completely destroyed. This movie takes place in Tokyo, Japan. They call it Tokyo 3, because they built this city to intercept the Angels and attack them. The town can be lowered underground for protection while an attack is happening. Evangelions are basicly Avatars that the humans created for children to combat in. They battle inside these Evangelions to beat the Angels. Great action scenes in this movie. The back story about this is about a child whom is the son of the creater of the Evangelions and his father making him become a pilot of the Evo 2 and learning about trusting and not being alone anymore. There are several things that caused confusion amidst everything happening, like the fact that he listens to a walkman/mp3 type player on one song over and over and it never explains this, and several other things. This movie is very good, but I think I need to watch it a few more times to get reasonings behind certain events completely understood. I recommend this movie for anyone who already has experience in Anime, this is not a beginner Anime movie.

I would give this movie 4 out of 5 stars, just for confusion and odd scenes.

After Evangelion 1.0 finished, off I was to go buy some popcorn and stand around for 30 minutes to wait for 2.0 to begin. I was standing there waiting and everyone that was in the theater hung around me. I didn't talk to anymore, just observed the looks and comments made about the fact that I was the only girl there going to see 2 anime movies back to back. It was hilarious. Before 2.0 began a Playstation screen came up. Are you kidding me?!?!?! Are theaters showing movies on PS3's now??!?!!? We all cracked up over that for a bit, but then the movie began. I was so mad when it began because it started out with English voice overs and Japanese subtitles. The english voice over parts were awful and I was laughing because I was so mad. I was so put off with the language choice that I did not catch the first few scenes of the movie. When it went back to the story line of 1.0 it went back to Japanese with English Subtitles. This movie introduces a couple new characters of which are also Evo Pilots, and are dealing with personal issues as well. At the very beginning it shows this male character up in outer space waiting to come to earth in his Evo. You don't see him until after the credits in this movie. Story line is pretty much the same, boy has issues, fighting in Evo, Angels getting killed and the such. There were alot of scenes in this movie that didn't make sense at all. It was very putting off, but nonetheless, this movie was very good, the art and action scenes were very cool and very beautiful. There was alot more drama in this movie, which caused the watcher to be very emotionally engaged, which I thought was a plus to this movie and not the last.

I would give this movie 3 out of 5 stars because it was not as good as the first as in understanding the story line, but the emotional draw to this movie was a great redeeming quality.

I can honestly say that I cannot wait for Evangelion Q to come out!

Til next time!
Jacque A.

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