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Random Bits of Awesomeness: Super-Hero Daze Part 1 - He's The Best There Is!

Greetings fellow geeks!  Like many of you, your JediCole is silly for super-heroes.  And so I am launching a series of Random Bits under the Super-Hero Daze banner that will run for five consecutive days.  Then we will return you to your regularly scheduled geekdom. 

This series launches with a great new take on Wolverine on the big screen.  Many fans were disappointed with the dreadful X-Men Origins: Wolverine plot.  Not even Hugh Jackman's portrayal of the popular Canadian mutant could save a lackluster script and terrible characterization of pretty much everyone but Sabretooth.  Perhaps this will go a long way toward healing us all while we wait for the theatrical arrival of The Wolverine.


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