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Fujoshiness 1.1: Otaku vs Weeaboo

Good Afternoon USG!

WoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO! Chrisholm78, because of his comment, I am basing my next post on his question!

Otaku vs Weeaboo

In my opinion, both of these terms pertain to men. And fortunately I am not male, lol. I am one of the few female otaku's and/or weeaboo's, I personally prefer the term Fujoshi.

In direct translation Fujoshi in Japanese means "rotten girl".

The rotten part of the definition has to do with the fact that the relationships of male/male is considered rotten in public and the fantasy of a female's thinking and dreaming about situations with male/male relationships.

Well isn't that interesting???

I do believe that I agree with both term's as Otaku and Weeaboo, but I believe because I am female Fujoshi is more fitting.

Well thank you again Chrisholm78 for your comment and keep them coming!

Happy Geeking and Merry Chrismahanakwanzakah!
Jacque A.

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